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Should I start a YouTube Channel?

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    Originally posted by Wite2 View Post
    Play fast paced FPS games, it’s more interesting and exhilarating.
    If you want a good fast paced FPS game, I'd highly recommend Quake Champions. Severely underrated game in my opinion, it's incredibly fun but doesn't have that big of a playerbase. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a match to play (for the most part), but it might not attract a lot of viewers as a YouTube game.
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        im going to play minecraft on my yt channel so thats probably a choice for u maybe
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          From what i heard people are reviving minecraft so you can give it a go
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            Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical FPS game that focuses on objective.

            By the way, would you mind telling me your PC specs a bit? Just to make sure it doesn't bottleneck much. And if you're looking for an editor, please let me be yours.
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