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    Originally posted by BEYSBOLL View Post
    you havent play world of tanks yet?! WHY THE HELL NOT?!
    Nah, i'm only have high-end pc
    Annie shot JFK
    Annie is evil
    don't be like Annie
    Be like Oswald


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      Originally posted by BlackIce View Post
      ;tts aditi so apart from these huge ******, I see that u like a ***** enlargement as well since yours is small

      Erm i had to censor some words lmao
      I think I figured it out


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        After looking to this thread, sadly i dont have any last copy-pastage text.

        Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

        Check out of this video ^^


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          I am done. It's speech time mother****ers in this bitch I have climbed through the hells, ELO hell. I've been there. I've done that. I'm finished. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna reform. I'm going to stop being toxic. FROM. THIS. MOMENT. ON. Quote me on that. If I say anything negative to my teammates again I'll quit streaming. Forever. Never again, I'll say one negative word. I will not feed, I will not troll, I will not AFK. Guaranteed. I've been through a lot, I've lost a lot of games I could've won. I've had some really quality teammates that I've put down with my words. Time to change it, I'm growing up. I'm turning into a man, I'm entering adulthood,I've gotta get some responsibilities. This is my fault, every game I lose I could've played better. The thing I'm gonna do now is, I'm gonna win every single game the rest of the night. No more losses, I'm done. I'm going 100% try hard. I'm headed for the top rank 1 First thing I'm gonna do is take rank 1 NA, I'm transferring I'm going EUW rank 1 there. Transferring OCE? Believe it. Rank 1 there. LAN? Rank 1. China? RANK 1. Korea? rrrrrrrank 1. I will be the only league of Legends player to be rank 1 in every single region. Remember this name:Tyler1. I'm headed for the top.

          (tyler1's reformed speech)


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            *Preffer not to say*
            My YT channel:
            M e n a c i n g. . .
            ゴゴゴゴゴ. . .

            IGN - D00DofSilver


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              lol, this is amazing.

              ||. :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO:
              :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO:
              :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO:
              :GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcor binTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek:
              :LMAO: lol :LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek:
              :LMAO:gadeem:LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinT opKek:
              :LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO: :GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek:
              :GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek::LMAO::GWcor binTopKek::LMAO::GWcorbinTopKek:||

              wow what's in the box? click/tap to find out!

              that's a discord prank... pepe ok hand sign

              mine are boring tbh
              Don't feel like playing as much anymore what do

              I have Vending Machines in BDCMARS... If I say I sell something, it'll probably be there.

              GrowID: Phloqiston
              World: BDCMARS
              Discord: Phloqiston#2840


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                Hello, I am called TheMappper but call me LumiNyte.



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                  Now ima paste what i copied: IGN: Ephus


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                    Привет ану пазвани

                    Some russian perv*rt were messaging me this and i was curious what does it means, so i copied to see translate.


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                      Funny SCP meme.
                      IGN: ToolHead
                      (Old usernames: unkn0wngun3r,automotive,victor3615)
                      Discord: Guner#7751
                      It seems like pain and regret are your best friends.

                      hoes mad


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                        Not posting it was my IP!
                        Quit this game already
                        I am LightX, call me Light not Elyrion
                        Discord: Ash#4444
                        Pet Rock Server : yeah I removed the invite stop joining the dead server there's no point

                        We require Peace and Tranquility


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                          Originally posted by Elyrion View Post
                          Not posting it was my IP!
                          IP is literally useless though.


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                            Originally posted by GaysD View Post
                            IP is literally useless though.
                            I can use people's Ip adress and track down where they live.


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                              The criteria for an AMBER Alert to be issued. Perhaps the last school project I will ever have to do.

                              IGN: Cloverlord
                              Current level: 115
                              Discord: Cloverleaf#0258
                              Instagram: @cloverlordgt
                              My shop world: LIQUIDMARKET.


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                                I can't post it due to there being swears but it was a guy screaming about Venice not being pronounced Venezia.
                                IGN: Tlaloc1
                                Level 97 / 125
                                1,000,000 gems / 1,000,000 - achieved 7/1/2020
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