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Where did 2017-2018 forumers go

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    Unofficial Growtopia Trailer 4 below!

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      Originally posted by TobyLerasco View Post
      Same happened to 2015-2016 forumers. I guess, Communists ate them due to being hungry.
      Uhm what??
      Why are we still here?
      Just to suffer?


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        they went to mars with elon musk
        Just a random dude ~
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          Well... Technically start posting on mid 2018...
          Quitted growtopia and forums, but I'm still active on Forumers United discord server.

          ~Farewell ~


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            They are killed by「Killer Queen Sheer Heart Attack」
            Originally posted by Oma357
            I am an anime trap

            Currently is addicted to a gacha game, discord is the best place to contact. Forums are boring nowadays anyway.
            Usually on Forumers United. Or Oma's server, if you know it.


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              I'm part of the 10%


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                Hello, NotSeedTopian!

                TurtlePirate is here!

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                  this is a major bruh moment
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                  Originally posted by NekoRei
                  Damn I clicked on it... I was Luis Fonzied


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                    Life happens, and you get caught up in things.


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                      Still here bud!


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                        I’m working on posting stuff again. Like being active on the forums
                        After like a year I figured out where this was. I’m an idoit

                        I have nothing else for this area!


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                          Originally posted by NotSeedTopian View Post
                          I can only find like 10% of them active
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                            Some forumer did scam, some quitted, some are still playing but not doing forums etc.

                            Also also, I'm new Ingame ( in forums )

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            Originally posted by Ranierz View Post
                            Something like dis


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                              Gone. Reduced To Atoms.
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                                Originally posted by Raqk
                                Users who joined between december 31st 2016 and january 1st 2019 (2017 - 2018 forumers) that have made a post sometime after the first of last month: (669 members)

                                Users who have joined between those same dates in total: (64323 members)

                                (669/64323)*100 = 1.035235133 meaning if you consider at least a single post in the last month as active, roughly one percent of 2017-2018 forumers are still active.

                                However, let's also consider that there are many accounts who join and do not post at all, largely lowering that number. Were those who didn't post at all really considered forumers in the first place? Let's take the same total member search, but instead add that their minimum post count is greater than or equal to one: (6664 members)

                                (669/6664)*100 = 10.0390156062, so basically you are about right. Much closer than I thought you'd be.

                                However, again, this all depends on definitions such as what one would consider "active" or a "forumer." You probably don't know anyone with five posts. Would you really know they are missing? Does a single post count as active?

                                Anyways, I won't write a paragraph for every search now, but here are some more numbers:

                                ≥5 total posts: 3672 total members (586 or 15.568% active)
                                ≥10 total posts: 2663 total members (536 or 20.127% active)
                                ≥50 total posts: 1038 total members (335 or 32.373% active)
                                ≥100 total posts: 643 total members (267 or 41.524% active)
                                ≥500 total posts: 172 total members (107 or 62.209% active)
                                ≥1000 total posts: 79 total members (57 or 72.151% active)

                                Also, I almost forgot, but I am a 2017 forumer myself. Checking in.
                                What... Are you MatPat?
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