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What are your school's weird rules?

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    Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    Seems reasonable enough, kids shouldn't be getting into relationships.
    It was at highschool, and the age of consent in indonesia is 15 years old.

    Anyways, #LoveWins


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      Don't really have weird ones...

      But I kinda hate the "no violence" and "always wear uniform" ones...
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        bringing phones to school is a big nono



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          Saying bad words is not allowed
          I love how people would break friendships for the sake of some yellow lock


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            Other Indonesian have explained stuff up there, but in my school you need to use white socks and it needs to be at least above your shoes. If it's Wednesday tho we wear scout uniform and we need to wear black socks. Also, if your uniform is incomplete, like you forgot to bring your tie or not using the school logo belt, you need to buy it from the school regardless of you have money or no. And they still mark it as violation to school laws even after you buy it. What a desperate action to make money. Also you can't play games on your laptop (the only device that's allowed) even though it's break time. Oh yea, no eating in class. You can't even bring your food or drinks upstairs.
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              If u come late (after 7:15)
              U will have to take a slip and write the reason why your late. U will then have to clean the compound for like a few minutes and only then u can enter the class.
              They got like super strict last year to the point that u have to do everything i mentioned above then write a COMPOSITION on why you arrived late. Roughly around 100 words
              U might think that it ain't that hard but it is as u have to quickly do it as your class starts at 7:30


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                Oh, please. I have a student handbook where all the rules are written.

                And yes, its near 100 pages so win win.
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