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What games should I give a try?

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    Well,we don't know what genre you like so:

    Rhythm: I suggest OSU or if you want something that's mobile,go for VOEZ.

    Open-World: You can try Borderlands or any game from the Witcher series, or Fallout ones

    MMORPG/ RPG: You can go with the Fin Fantasy MMO or Diablo,idk.

    Team-Based: Either 5v5 MOBAs like LoL or DOTA or Mario Maker 2,the ones that require 2+ peeps


    Battle Royales: Tetris Battle, or 99 I think? Either way,it's pretty good.

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      Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
      I recommend grabbing The Handsome Collection when it's on sale. I've seen it go as low as $6 during sales and it includes Borderlands 2 with every DLC.
      Ah yes hear this guy. Also I forgot to mention TF2. It's free on steam.
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        Originally posted by Critical View Post
        Ah yes hear this guy. Also I forgot to mention TF2. It's free on steam.
        Dude hell yeah, I've been playing TF2 since 2012. I have played over 2k hours, I love that game, but it gets boring sometimes.


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          S.T.A.L.K.E.R. of course
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            Pixel Worlds
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              Reason : Developer streams regularly to see what is coming up for the future updates, interesting updates, kind and friendly community, good customer support, free items when watching certain Devstream (Developer streams), good story base, good soundtrack and most of all, free to play.

              Reason : Simple civilization game, cool mechanics, satisfying, strategic, challenging, free to play.

              Reason : Looks boring but actually fun as you explore the world, discovering different stuffs, killing mobs, cool mechanics. We all knew that.
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                Soul Knight (try it hacked bcuz the heros)
                BilaltmnOO v2


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                  Toram online & Sao intergal Factory
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                    Originally posted by BilaltmnOO View Post
                    Soul Knight (try it hacked bcuz the heros)
                    Hollow Knight is better knight.
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                      Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
                      Hollow Knight is better knight.
                      trying asap
                      BilaltmnOO v2


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                        My life, seriously it’s very challenging.
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                          Originally posted by iplayasgamer View Post
                          pc: "fistful of frags" its a fps old days shooter it good
                          I read that as "Fistful of fags"


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                            I play this game called Castle Clash a ton. It’s a base-builder type game, but the main goal is to level up your heroes. I’d say that, but they’re adding a battle pass system next update so don’t play it.
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