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What languages do you wish you could speak?

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    1) Japanese cuz anime
    2) German so I can flex
    3) Russian because not many people know how to speak it
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      1) German. It seems like a fun language to speak.

      2) Japanese. Similar case to Germany

      3) Spanish. My dad’s side of the family is Mexican, but I never really learned the language.

      4) French. My mom was born in Monaco, which speaks French (even though it is its own city state)

      5) Latin. I’ve sang a couple songs in Latin and it’s a lot of fun to speak.
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        Japanese and French


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          russian cuz duolingo keep emailing me about my lessons

          old english, mid english

          dusun (its a traditional language fyi)

          and yes, perhaps meme languange
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            Japanese. Because I have a dream of going to Japan. Also to watch anime better.
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              greek, latin, indo and old+mid english
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                well,I know Chinese so I guess Japanese and Korean will be easier for me and I also wanna learn those both
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                  no one tried to learn Indonesian lmao
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                    Originally posted by Boots of Hermes View Post
                    no one tried to learn Indonesian lmao
                    we wont benefit from it in any way besides visiting Indonesia
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