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im feeling depressed

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    Originally posted by WoodBlocks View Post
    2 years ago, I was in the same position. I was really introverted and just lonely overall lol. All you have to do is just take a break from the game and from social media. Find people who share the same interest. Then they'll introduce you to their friends. Then you'll be part of their group.
    Now my friend group has over 20 "members" and we treat each other like family (not kidding or over exaggerating. we're ALOT. )

    If you can't take a break from the game (I know it's hard) Just introduce people to growtopia / find people who play irl and play together. That's how I also found some of my childhood friends. T'was fun.
    OP you should definitely give this a try.
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      Originally posted by Rimuoi View Post
      Why is 13yo always get that problem
      cause it's just a phase and they don't know what it's really like to have depression
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        Have you ever thought about traveling or hiking?? It is a good way to fight with boredom and stress. I am fond of camping and hunting. During my camping I prefer to use walkie talkies for keep in touch with others, but I want to buy new walkie talkies like it
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          Originally posted by effanx11 View Post
          I don’t have any friends in class either, I left all my friends in my prev country. I tried making friends here but these guys are just too different from me so I gave up. I figured that I’ll get good friends later, I just need to figure out which one’ll suit me. Its not about trying to make friends, you just have to wait it out and they’ll eventually come to you if they like you. If that doesn’t work, u can try to welcome someone from class or the neighborhood. Thats a great way to make good friends, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the place
          Talking about moving to different countries, yeah I feel you man. It’s completely a different culture a new environment so yeah if you’re lucky you’ll be fine.

          And don’t worry man, it’s ok, you’ll make friends as everyone does. Stressing your self isn’t the best option, it’ll only make you feel worse.
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