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    Uhm, please ignore this skip over this don't read the title, please just move on, serious no more spying, go away.
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    and your reason for that?
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      WOW! What a wonderful idea! I'm sure that everyone would definitely agree with this!

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        Tbh I'd love to see the non-existant constructive criticism against doing so, all I see in this sub-forum are meaningless posts that belong on a social media rather than a forum related to game talks
        No offense just look at the first page
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          can a mod or smthn close this post its not even supposed to exist.
          Hi, I'm Daisy!


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            i actually agree with this. the tavern is not needed, as there are a million other places where you can discuss these topics in - though i cannot really imagine most of these topics be brought up in a conversation at all. the tavern just clogs up the forums and actual growtopia goes unnoticed thanks to those. i say we keep the forums about growtopia, not about anime, bodyweight, hong kong, or counting numbers etc.


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              I completely disagree with this. Having a single subforum devoted to off-topic conversations won't hurt anyone, and I highly doubt removing it would somehow benefit the forum. Believe it or not, you can just ignore it if you're not interested.

              Sure, I could go to a different forum or someplace like Reddit to discuss things, but I won't know anyone there. Here, I recognize basically everyone and there's even some people I could consider friends.


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                Originally posted by Nesqwik View Post
                can a mod or smthn close this post its not even supposed to exist.
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                  Still nice to see the posts, its like the reddit of growtopia, its really fun to read the stuff on here, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Tavern is the subforum I visit the most, Tavern is life
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                  There's this thing called life.
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                  my tum tum hurts.