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If you can stop time without you freezing, what will be its best purposes?

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    Originally posted by Liquify View Post
    get some good fricking sleep.
    but if stopped time then you wouldn't sleep a single second
    Quit this game already
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      Originally posted by Elyrion View Post
      but if stopped time then you wouldn't sleep a single second
      idc I get my energy back anyways
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        If you stopped time that means light also stopped so our eyes can’t reflect the light which means we are blind?
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          Go and explore where ever and whatever I want with no one around while it lasts smh
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            Go outside for the first time In years.
            Skype and chill


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              I like how some people are playing the smart ass card and try to debunk a small little forums game that is for fun
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                #1- Locate and eliminate IWasn'tWeird (clear difference cough)
                #2- Regret my decisions and jump into my pool from my roof (even though time has stopped so water wouldn't water like it used to...
                #3- Break everything in my body but since time has stopped my bones wouldnt break.
                #4- Time resumes and i become human jello

                #5- PROFIT

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                  there’s an obligatory jojoke to be made, but other people have made it already.

                  I’d probably run to local stores (non-mom and pop) and take some stuff either for myself or to give to the less fortunate.
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                    People will get curious until theyre all after you so ill use it whenever i need money l o l
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                      Originally posted by Felixcesar15 View Post
                      stopping time without you freezing is too fun, saving people, execute sweet trolls and more

                      if you have power of stopping time, what it will be purposes for you?
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                        I'll probably have a long, nice rest and just sleep the entire time lol
                        Maybe totally not stealborrow money from someone

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                          Get rid of myself somehow bc nobody wants this piece of trash in their life
                          hi i like dragons and dyn

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                            If that'd happen, you couldn't actually move because the time has freezed. This means that objects can't move. It also means that you cannot move as you're wearing clothes. If you want to exclude this point, your question would make more sense.

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                              Originally posted by Scawt View Post
                              If you stopped time that means light also stopped so our eyes can’t reflect the light which means we are blind?
                              oxygen also stops so you'd be dead before your brain can process the eyes
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                                Originally posted by 10bang View Post

                                #1- Locate and eliminate IWasn'tWeird (clear difference cough)

                                he died cuz he was the first one to land on the sun
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