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What sort of Pens do you guys use?

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  • What sort of Pens do you guys use?

    If you use pens at all, that is.

    I use a 0.5mm Zebra Sarasa blue pen with blue ink. These pens are so hard to find around here, but they’re the best ballpoints I have used so far.

    Apart from telling about the pens you use, tell me what I should. Kek thx
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    I mean Zebra's Sarasa pens are the best of the best in my 6 years of using pens
    0.5 for writing and 0.3/0.7 for drawing is so nice

    I think the closest pen which can compare to it is the G2
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      As long as it is able to write, I am fine with it.


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        Typing > Writing
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          Lmao, misread the "pens" part at first XD

          I love using pen with purple ink the most... Next being black... And, I'm kinda bored of blue pens...
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            If you aren’t using the Pilot G-2, you haven’t lived life.
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              Uni ball signo um-151 gel pen, 0.38 or 0.5, preferably black and blue. Comfortable to write with but tip breaks easily if you drop it.