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Forumer Of The Year 2019 - Nomination Thread

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  • Forumer Of The Year 2019 - Nomination Thread

    Best Writer Astigmatisme (2) myLocation (2) -
    Best Artist Topazi (8) NekoWolf (6) DavidDoesPBG
    Best Builder Techy (6) Kyeosi (5) Açais (3)
    Friendliest Forumer Rimuoi (5) Crunchyy (3) Jedaki (2)
    Most Helpful Forumer Ephus (5) R4Z (2) -
    Most Positive Forumer Deftera (5) TurtlePirate (3) -
    Most Creative Forumer Viju (2) - -
    Best Overall DynPlaysGT (3) PixelJr (2) -
    2019 is coming to an end and that means it's time we choose our best Forumer of the year. Early because requested by you guys..

    - Best Writer
    - Best Artist
    - Best Builder
    - Friendliest Forumer
    - Most Helpful Forumer
    - Most Positive Forumer
    - Most Creative Forumer
    - Best Overall

    Your fellow rules
    - You cannot nominate yourself.
    - You may nominate up to 3 people for the same category.
    - You can not nominate the same person twice.
    - Forumers with less than 100 posts are unable to nominate.
    - Nominees will be added into a poll in the voting thread.
    - You may not nominate the host

    Alright, here we go. Good luck to everyone
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    Sample text


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      Does this mean you can nominate up to 21 forumers total?



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        Really sorry to anyone if I don’t nominate someone who might be worthy to have been nominated. I don’t know everyone so I’ll just try my best.

        Most Positive Forumer: this usually goes to mylocation, but since hes so inactive, I’ll nominate TobyLerasco and ElectroDream.
        Best Overall: Dyn is my favorite forumer, followed by m456 and Crunchyy is pretty cool I guess.
        Most Friendliest: This would def go to Cahtster, probably Crunchyy and Elyrion is pretty cool, though “they” did get banned for posting too much.

        Good luck peeps
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        Originally posted by Oldsock (IGN)
        There's this thing called life.
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        my tum tum hurts.


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          - Most Helpful Forumer - R4Z
          IGN: MadMewMew

          Discord: Gey phemus#6243
          IG: madmewmew_gt


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            - Best Writer (xweird )
            - Best Artist (NekoWolf &Jedaki)
            - Best Builder (techy,zLordflamez & Kyeosih)
            - Friendliest Forumer (Pokekid, electrolava &Crunchyy)
            - Most Helpful Forumer (Ukyokuonji & ephus)
            [If in forum]
            - Most Positive Forumer (minedeath)
            - Best Overall (Tobylerasco)
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              Best Writer : Astigmatisme

              Best Artist : Topazi I think was his/her name

              Best Builder : Kyeosi

              Friendliest Forumer : effanx11, Jedaki , NotTheCat/locked
              Most Helpful Forumer: Hugelock , Cahtster , Electrolava9

              Most Positive Forumer: PirateTurtleGT this guy blows me away with wholesomeness and maroczy

              Best Overall : DynPlaysGt , Critical , Nick_furry
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                Best writer: buffalobom, demondoomgt, nenkaai
                Best artist:
                Best builder: techy, acais
                Friendliest forumer: acais
                Most helpful:demondoomgt
                Most positive:Jedaki

                (currently choosing)
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                  Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
                  Does this mean you can nominate up to 21 forumers total?
                  Technically you can however you can't nominate the same person again for the same category.

                  - - - Updated - - -

                  Originally posted by HEEL View Post
                  Fella read the rules, c'mon
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                    Tables will be updated in 2 days
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                      toby learasco is best forumer
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                        I'd say NekoWolf, Crunchyy and Electrolava9 (in no particular order) all fit the category of Best Artist.
                        hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
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                          feels kinda scuffed because the only people who care enough to know each other here are tight with each other, so people who find recipes and share them willingly on forums get no attention here (and other such kind acts). sad...

                          basically im saying this is tavern forumer of the year ;-;
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                            Bitelord for all cause he's so talented that he makes me shake and cry in fear omgg
                            IGN : Liquify

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                              I, Growno Grovanna, have a reply!

                              Originally posted by Liquify View Post
                              Bitelord for all cause he's so talented that he makes me shake and cry in fear omgg
                              Too bad, too sad, he's not with us anymore... :v
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                              M e n a c i n g. . .
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