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any ppianists?

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  • any ppianists?

    Just asking and what’s your favourite piece that u play/listen to?

    Pretty much an old but noob player. I dont bite.

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    I'm not a pianist but the piano is my favorite instrument. Never played one ever, though. Studying to play one and owning one are considered luxury in my country. Lmao we poor.

    Fave pieces are probably Claude Debussy's - Arabesque and Ludovico Einaudi's - Nuvole Blanche. 11/10 would recommend. Always in my study jams back in college.
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      i love chopin works, brutally hard and beautiful
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        I'm an ex pianist because my teacher was so bad

        You literally couldn't tell I was playing chopin no 19 and I played that for a whole year and had no improvements because teachers r supposed to call u out n he didn't?? >
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          Uwu one right here! Spent like 8 years of my life studying the classics
          Meh gave up on the game, just chilling around the forums .-.

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          Are you from Paris? Cuz I think Eiffel for you <3


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            I play piano and I'm currently into Undertale music, although I really enjoy Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Beethoven.
            My favorite piece changes a lot, but it has been Rachmaninoff's Etude-tableaux op 39 no 6 for a while
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              lol I wish I could play the piano, definitely my favourite instrument.

              I personally love musicalbasics's music, one of the best pianists I know. Here's just one of their videos:

              Highly recommend checking out their channel if you like piano, nowadays they mostly play classical music with their own take on it, but they also have a lot of original compositions (like the one I linked).
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                I am a novice pianist (actually, probably closer to an intermediate level considering I learned some more difficult pieces this year), but I cannot fathom playing Liszt. I really do enjoy Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” though despite my inability — now and for a long time — to play it.
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                  Originally posted by Astigmatisme View Post
                  i love chopin works, brutally hard and beautiful
                  Yeah same, I like Chopin's works as well. I sometimes use his works to vent together with few other friends.
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