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    Do me,

    Maximum Purchase personal setting

    Suggestion box with many items


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      try me ok
      Write something...


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        Originally posted by Corrects View Post
        Do me,

        Graphic Designer

        Discord: GENSEAF#1544
        Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
        I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
        Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC


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          IGN: MadMewMew

          Discord: Gey phemus#6243
          IG: madmewmew_gt


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            Me. But before you get to judge my personality, please note that I am not a part of the furry community despite of my username.


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              I Have No Personality. But, Can You Try Anyway?
              - 🤍 - I Like Pets - 🤍 -


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                Humor: 5/10. (Link). Ah, the oldest trick in the book. Try improvising though, I reckon you'd be a great comedian(no that's a joke).
                Intellect: 1/10. (Link). Not the brightest. I find his suggestions intriguing though, and fully support its realization (Link)
                Popularity: 9/10. Well, her pretty remarkable page visitors number comes from her activeness in the forums. I might be wrong though, so dont judge meh plez
                Drama: 6/10. Meh, he quit and returned repeatedly. Not the dramatic type, though. Can't say the same about his pet rock, though.
                Sarcasm: 7/10. A bit harsh and outspoken, with sprinkles of sarcasm found at times (Link Link)
                Signature: 8/10. I mean, I agree with its first sentence. I disagree with the "peace and tranquility" part though, I find chaos more amusing .
                Art: 5/10. I can't find any of his works. His profile pic derpy af tho, so I rate that.
                Language: 8.5/10. Arabic, but I bet noone would've guessed you were by reading your posts. Good english, although it'd be lovely to see you talk in arabic once in a while lol (Link)

                Nickname & Conclusion: ElyROCK. A rock adopter, even going as far as establishing a community for his pet rock. Quite often mistaken as a female, due to his misleading profile pic (definitely not me). A steam enthusiast, and spreading his love for steam through the forums like its herpes. He lean as heck though, weighing around 36 kilogram, which is possibly lighter than my pet rock.

                - - - Updated - - -

                Alright, I feel like the ratings are a bit irrelevant to one's personality.
                Any ideas on what aspect should I rate?
                Meh gave up on the game, just chilling around the forums .-.

                Goals :
                • Literally nothing
                • Help Im dead inside

                "The only regret I have in life is my forum name "

                Originally posted by Sfsuprafang
                Are you from Paris? Cuz I think Eiffel for you <3


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                  Originally posted by Sfsuprafang View Post

                  Humor: 8.5/10. LOLOLOL SHREK JOKES (Link). On the real tho, he does have a sense of humor, although some might not comprehend his high iq jokes (Link).
                  Intellect: 10/10. (Link). Have you ever wondered what a top class navy seal looks like? Look no further, man has infiltrated the forums for quite some time now. (Link) He even knows how to binomically expand a mathematical expression, faring well against the likes of me.
                  Popularity: 8.5/10. Meh, the ambassador of the doggo surely has a reputation here in the forums. He's aware that he's loved tho (Link). Psstt, he even thought he might be the growtopian Jesus(Link)
                  Drama: 8/10. (Link). He supports the revival of the Drama forums, so points for him in this department.
                  Sarcasm: 9/10. CoRy In ThE hOuSe Is A gOoD aNiMe (Link).
                  Signature: 9/10. Life. Doggo. They're synonymous.
                  Art: 7.5/10. Draws comics in the forums, quite the talented chap. And also the doggo advocate.
                  Language: 9.5/10. (Link). I mean, a multilingual doggo? Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

                  Nickname & Conclusion: Doggo. It's the beloved meme dog in the forums. Good sense of humor, with surprising bluntness at times. Wish he could do a face reveal tho at some point, just to answer the life-long question of all forumers—Is m456 a dog? Regardless, he still is a very intellectual being, that one might compare him to the likes of Jesus. Shockingly adept at speaking multiple languages, and is a weeb at heart(That's a plus point btw). I can see why he's adored by many.
                  Haha, I love it! Thank you

                  Is m456 a dog? Regardless, he still is a very intellectual being, that one might compare him to the likes of Jesus.
                  This is going in my signature lmao


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                    Do me do me.
                    Avatar Credits Go To SnowCone


                    Originally posted by Oldsock (IGN)
                    There's this thing called life.
                    Originally posted by Cahtster
                    my tum tum hurts.


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                      Unofficial Growtopia Trailer 4 below!

                      In-Game Name: Viju
                      Administrator at Growtopia Wikia since April 4, 2020
                      Discord Tag: Viju#7557
                      IG: @viju_gt


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                        Try doing me, a person whom you have never met and I don't post a lot
                        Edit: didn't see you were only accepting master sorc only whoops disregard this post like how my dad did for me
                        IGN: HaxFrNubz

                        Originally posted by UBIDEV
                        I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


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                          Humor: 5/10. Meh, I guess he uses the forums to help others rather than giving out glib comments. We do need more of these types of forumer though, to circumscribe the impetuous and silly individuals.
                          Intellect: 9.5/10. Idk, sounds like a very intelligent individual to me. Quick on the uptake, and has no issues being frank.
                          Popularity: 8.5/10. I don't know if it's just me, but he sounds like a very respected individual. I had to check twice just to make sure he's a Master Sorcerer and not a mod lol.
                          Drama: 1/10. (Link). Well, I take it he'd avoid any drama. I wouldn't be surprised if he bash someone to a pulp for starting a beef.
                          Sarcasm: 2/10. Well, He tends to speak his mind out rather than using sarcastic remarks.
                          Signature: 8/10. Well, it is inspiring. I still think I'm the smartest person in the room though when I enter any political event (issa joke).
                          Art: 5/10. Meh, can't find any artworks of his. (Link) But he did make this, which is debatably a form of art, so props for that.
                          Language: 9/10. (Link). Excellent English proficiency. Not to mention that he claims he can speak Mandarin, which is excruciating to even comprehend.

                          Nickname & Conclusion: PokeMAN. Certainly doesn't sound like a kid. He sounds more like a Moderators than Moderators themselves. Quick on the uptake and speaks out his mind, helping out people in need and scolding those who did wrong. Some might see him as a rather officious individual, but I think people like him are needed to keep this forums from crumbling down.
                          Meh gave up on the game, just chilling around the forums .-.

                          Goals :
                          • Literally nothing
                          • Help Im dead inside

                          "The only regret I have in life is my forum name "

                          Originally posted by Sfsuprafang
                          Are you from Paris? Cuz I think Eiffel for you <3


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                            ok sure I'll surely be rated negatively
                            IGN: Deftera
                            Just a Touhou fan and otaku
                            Latest Youtube Video:

                            Subreddit of my manga:


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                              hit me hard and cold op
                              Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
                              suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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                                You are thorough and passionate on this, might as well join uwu
                                I love 美波 and ヨルシカ!

                                I wish I can sing and play like them
                                and I'm just your average friend!