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  • This Copypasta i stole from reddit is sponsered by...

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    Oh baby a triple sponser
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    Originally posted by UBIDEV
    I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


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      ...ehT tahW hurB
      ¿ rosnopS sihT si
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      Good song


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        s t o n k s
        Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
        suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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          Pyrocynical tryna lose his RAID sponsorship.
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            Where the hecc is me squarespace & crunchyroll

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              Dude how could you forget about 8 ball Pool, the best billiards game out on the market.

              Tediore is a good company change my mind.


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                Where is that Corsair sponsorship.
                Cheap Stuff in THANOS

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                  Now add those Japanese weirdos playing mobile legends
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                    wheres dashlane
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                      make one for Mercedes GLA
                      I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
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                        You use Reddit too much nowadays Ranierz
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                          Just my rant

                          I'm tired of this Squarespace ad in most YouTube photo related videos. Even research paper ads like is not that annoying. Reddit is a great place but there are a lot of crap there.


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                            Originally posted by TobyLerasco View Post
                            You use Reddit too much nowadays Ranierz
                            There's no such thing as too much Reddit.
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                            I love her so so much eee
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                              Originally posted by Kannck View Post
                              I'm tired of this Squarespace ad in most YouTube photo related videos. Even research paper ads like is not that annoying. Reddit is a great place but there are a lot of crap there.
                              who the hecc is u and why did u reply on a thread i made a week ago and why u have 2 posts
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