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Dumb fears.

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  • Dumb fears.

    We all have some really stupid fears. I, for example, am afraid of car doors. More specifically getting shocked from closing them. So, in turn, I don't touch car doors. Kinda stupid, but It's built into me now. It's also kinda fun to say I'm "afraid of car doors".

    Do you have any wonderfully stupid fears?
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    dropping my phone in the crack between the elevator and the floor lol


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      I... don't know anything I fear more than giraffes. Especially running giraffes, they frighten me.
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        I only fear heights and pain

        I have a phobia on insects
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          looking down on a toaster......

          nuff said

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            im afraid of the oligarchy
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              Originally posted by MystZ View Post
              dropping my phone in the crack between the elevator and the floor lol
              This is my fear I never knew I had.
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                Fear of getting scammed in GT

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                  Fear of getting sucked and grinded on an escalator.


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                    Fear of fearing



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                      Back then i love air conditioners, sticking my face to it as i get enough cool air to satisfy my needs. One day, when i was at kindergarten, there are 2 air conditioners, one is a child level and one is literally close to the ceiling.

                      The child level is of course, my favorite one. But the other one is the cherry of the icing. It happened when i was sitting on the floor, just right above the highest air conditioner. Until suddenly the air conditioner starts making weird noises. You know when you mix a solid thing in the blender? Yes. Few seconds after that it burts some small ice particles and some landed on my face since i was looking up. Just imagine being a little innocent bouncy kid and looking up at an AC that is half of your height and it unleashes an otherworldly noises with ices bursting out. I was a kid to understand the concept of an AC, so ever since i never looked at the front of it where the cool air comes out cause im usually expecting something demonic will burst something out.

                      Up to these days i cant still look at it for too long. I just cant. Lol.
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                        Fear of Candles

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                          I have the fear of dropping any valuebles into somewhere it will not survive. whenever I'm around big drains or a balcony, I wouldn't be dare to take my phone out

                          besides that I don't really have any fear, I'm pretty outgoing
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                            i'm scared of stupid people

                            maybe that's why i hate myself
                            I crave for attention so don't give me any

                            goals i rly want people to read so i made a sentence with reverse psychology so that they do:


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                              I am petrified of automatic drive-thru car washes after my parents accidentally left my window cracked when I was like three.
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                              *** concentrated yeast hell no i didnt eat that ****
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