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What's something that you refuse to eat?

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  • What's something that you refuse to eat?

    Reply with the worst thing you've ever eaten.

    For me, I tried stuffed eggplants. DISGUSTING.

    Anything squishy or slimy for me is just a big nono bye bye.
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    chitlins .
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      Kale and anything similar to it.

      I just despise kale so much. I don't like the taste of it nor the smell.

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        Cilantro and celery for me. I am fine with almost all the other vegetables. Gotta eat veggies to stay healthy...
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          I eat everything as long as it can be eaten because im not picky when it comes to food

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            Pineapples, just pineapples, in cake, on pizza, everywhere anywhere, i don like them.
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              Fish or any seafood. I know alot of people love it and you are entitled to your opinion but it's not something I would ever do.


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                I can't stand pickles, they're the worst!

                There was also a time when I was forced to eat chicken intestines out of politeness.


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                  Eggplant. Totally no

                  Also i dislike anything bitter.

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                    Eggplant and celery. Those are disgusting and I can’t stand them.
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                      FRIED BEANSPROUTS

                      i think i dislike any vegetable which is not a leaf(?) except carrot, potatoes, and tomatoes
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                        RAISINS, bananas, melons, PINEAPPLES, durians

                        Am I the only one here who liked eggplants
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                          eggplants and durian
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                            Applesauce. I've never had it, but every time it gets near me I literally GAG. My tum tum hurts just typing this...
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                              Any food that has weird soft and fleshy insides when you bite it that also doesnt taste appetizing.

                              Bitter foods.

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                              My tum tum hurts just typing this...
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