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I had the weirdest nightmare ever

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  • I had the weirdest nightmare ever

    I had a nightmare of me sleeping, ready to wake up and my mouth suddenly started forcing one of my teeth out, it was so real that I felt pain and before the tooth breaks out, I woke up, realizing it was a nightmare then suddenly my mouth started forcing one of my teeth out, it was so real that I felt pain and before the tooth breaks out, I woke up yet again, rinse and repeated 5 times before I jump back into reality
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    at least your nightmares dont involve your tongue falling out your mouth...

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      I had one where i had to lie on the floor pretending to be dead or get shot by a killer.


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        I think that is called inception.
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          I have these dreams as well from time to time and it feels like when pain is inflicted, I feel it too when I wake up. I remember having such a serious case where it could have seriously hurt me or it would have killed me I believe. I was very young at the time and I ended up dreaming that I was being strangled. I remember waking up in shock but believed I was still being strangled despite no one being there and I remember my neck hurting a lot during and after this. I remember gasping for air. My parents heard me gasping (I was that loud) and quickly ran to my attention to which I was slowly trying to control my breathing. My parents were so concerned that they started driving me to hospital and keep in mind, this was in the middle of the night at like 2AM. As we were driving there, I was fine and we turned back home. My neck was killing me after as I had tried my best to keep breathing. Ever since, I still have dreams much like this one which inflict some sort of pain whenever I wake up but I never panic as I know I'm alright.


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            If you dream about/related to your teeth.. One of your family/relatives might leave you soon....