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because of coronavirus, all mask is empty all over the city

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    It's soo difficult to find masks here, and they're usually very overpriced for an average Filipino. Alot of our stores and pharmacies are sold out. We've had over 3 "events" where we needed masks within the past 4 or so months (Haze, Taal Volcano Eruption, Corona Virus) Some vendors even sell them for Php 100.00 (Equivalent to 2 USD) each. If it were a normal day 100 pieces would be roughly 5 USD (the disposable ones)

    The only (practical) way to get masks now in my country would be to buy them online. They're much cheaper plus they are washable and reusable

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      steal some from your old school's lab and share it to us
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        Wow people care about money than they care about other safety seriously ? Money is just a paper with number on it, Life is important !!!!
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          Originally posted by myLocation View Post
          is it empty too and the price is overpriced even when it's have stocked.

          i heard there's singaporean come to my city to buy mask

          is it in your country(Your city) too?

          fact the price normal is like $3
          and now it's like $30++
          getting expensive day by day... arghhh
          Same in some cities here in the Philippines too, and some are hiding their stocks (saying that their clients bought it)

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            In my place they limit the quantity to 1 package/person. Still before that the Chinese, Vietnamese and even some Japanese hoarded them all.
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              Originally posted by SmartWaffle View Post
              I bought a box of masks online and they were made in Wuhan. Guess I'll die.
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                Haven't you learn Demand and Supply. Or do you want to be sent back to school. Our place Philippines, we tend to be careful though.

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                Originally posted by myLocation View Post
                Deym the plot twist was so twisting
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