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    php, is a small country but with over 100+ mil people living is a surprising amount to be considered as "ncov-19 free" after people was quarantined and one has unfortunately passed away.

    the gorvernment didnt seem to be much worried of the risks in this country. So this county kept the title for a little bit until out of nowhere it immediately skyrocketed from 0-20+ in just a matter of a short time.

    now, if you think about this country's transportation: its simply tight and full. with over a hunder million people in a small country is scary with a lack of equipments to detect the virus itself. medications here are not free, especially to people who barely manages to earn money to fit in a daily amount. people here are also easily decieved by therepetitive news from media, some are right while some arent, but with a thought of how others understand is worrysome as they may stick with that fake fact.

    now some people are worried, some are only celebrating the suspensions, some arent alarmed with that, and ect.

    but 24 right now is a big number, with a lack of equipments and with this condition of the country is enough to cause disturbance to everything.

    i just hope people wont play chill or dumb. yes it is not as lethal but the spreading is.
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    I'm sure your governments are well-prepared for these such events.
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      trump says "stay calm, it'll be over" in a recent interview. guess we'll die
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        Sorry to be pessimistic but our Department of Health isn't even being transparent. I'm expecting cases to be thousands at this point since they never tested anyone until people from our country going abroad were diagnosed with COVID-19.
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          Last news before kits from the University of the Philippines were approved, our Department of Health only had 2,000 kits. Given that they previously cut 20 billion pesos of the budget for healthcare, it shows that the government is very incompetent and wAck.
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