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    Rate this one:

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      Originally posted by KaguyaIsSick View Post
      Imperial Circus Dead Decadence -​ Fusyoku Ressentiment, Fushiyoku no Sarugakuza

      Demetori -​ Koyoi wa Hyouitsu na Egoist ~ Ego,Schizoid,Beat.

      Camellia -​ Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's ''PLANETARY//200STEP'' Remix)

      Diao ye Zong feat. Meramipop &​ Shizuki Nano -​ A Secret Adventure

      Diao ye Zong feat. Meramipop -​ Shinjitsu no Uta

      Kobaryo - Tool-Assisted Speedcore (TBQF Frame Advance RMX)

      Literally almost every song from every single artists I mentioned earlier (I mostly listen to Diao ye Zong (feat. Meramipop) at this moment)

      Imperial Circus Dead Decadence -​ Fusyoku Ressentiment, Fushiyoku no Sarugakuza : not a fan of metal it's quite the eh genre for me yet the anime sample at the end mixed the background music it was quite perfect imo 7/10

      Camellia -​ Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's ''PLANETARY//200STEP'' Remix) : great song amazing stuff really f*ck dubstep/10

      Diao ye Zong feat. Meramipop &​ Shizuki Nano -​ A Secret Adventure : I like this one... I found a map for it on OSU so that's great 7/10

      Diao ye Zong feat. Meramipop -​ Shinjitsu no Uta : I couldn't find this one on YouTube so idk

      Kobaryo - Tool-Assisted Speedcore (TBQF Frame Advance RMX) : NO / 10

      you seem to be a fan of dubstep and anime songs there's this album that I have been reccomended on my previous musical rating thread Head Of NASA and 2 Amish Boys and am not sure.its dupstep lol but I am pretty sure you'll like it

      rateURtaste 5/10

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      Originally posted by Liquify View Post
      after suggesting Billie, Lorde and Rich Brian, here I come with more albums for you to rate

      Aurora album :
      infections of a different kind step 1 and 2
      All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

      and my current favourite album, Kid Krow by Conan Gray
      This will take sometime so bare with me here
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        Originally posted by _CM View Post
        Most songs in Spotify's Rap Caviar's is mostly okay (if you're into them), but what I liked most are Lil Uzi's, Juicewrld's, a couple of Drake's and Kendrick Lamar's, and some random artists with good rhythm.If you want some of off-mainstream mix of rock and rap (and okay listening non-English artists) I'd recommend Bausa, Kontra k, Raf camora, and Betontod (German), Stromae (French), and JVG (Finnish).

        If you want some Rock, Id recommend of the them: Powerwolf, Nanowar of steel, and Rammstein (German).

        And a mixture of mild sad boi music to suicidal sad boi, I'd recommend any of the following: EDEN, gnash, xxxTentacion, Joji, Russ, Post Malone, and Frank Ocean.

        Non English rap = bad easily it's just pure trash imo atleast most of is

        Eternal atake was disappointment of the year and drake is MEEEH I'll let this one slide , Juice wrld is good I agree he got a couple is songs that slap , Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT TPAB is his best no cap , nty I don't listen to non-english only a few exceptions are made , Xxxten is just trash the sooner his fan base accepts that the sooner we get edgy 14 year old off the internet , Joji is decent I won't be giving opinions on this one , Frank Ocean is probably great haven't checked any of his albums yet which album would you reccomend for people who want to get into his music? , Post malone over rated but decent artist most of his tracks are EEEH his flows and lyricism is bad imo

        I'd reccomend checking out the following :

        Denzel Curry : 3 Albums Imperial , Ta13oo and ZUU listen in this order pl0x

        Rock : In the Court of the crimson king - King Crimson , The Dark side of the moon

        Sad Boi hours : Nujabese - luv sic

        If you're open up to trying new genre :
        - Death Grips - The money Store
        - JPEGMAFIA - all my heroes are cornballs
        - Danny brown - Atrocity Exhibition

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        Originally posted by Law_Growtopia View Post

        I got Dmed the other day by a forumer to rate this lol..

        It has quite the catchy drums and melody , I think the it's very noice tbh , especially how annoying his voice is ,like it's annoying AF yet I gotta admit it's very nice and hooking to the melody of the song its like they were made for each other lmao

        The song overall is EXTREMELY catchy and noice tbh I'd rate it a solid 8.9/10 for the catchy hook and annoyingly spot on vocals
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          btw here it is if you still wanna listen to it

          Diao ye Zong feat. Meramipop -​ Shin'jitsu no Uta
          English Translation: Song of Truth

          My bad that I didn't provided link.
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          good song


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            Originally posted by Oma357 View Post
            Slipknot : /10

            Through Glass - Stone Sour : 5/10

            Pink guys season album : it's a memish but genuinely good album I actually used to listen to it , I'd give it a 7/10

            Your taste seems metallic and yet memish idrc know whAt to Reccomend to I'll give a random album from my favourites
            The Money Store - Death Grips
            I have been blessed, thank you very much.
            tu me manques.
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            Originally posted by Her
            i want to break up..


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              Infected mushroom, return to the sauce continuous mix (If you don’t want to listen to all 44min just do Infected Mushroom Nutmeg.

              Tristam x Karma Fields, Build an Empire of sound.

              Nick Nitro, TokyoVania Control

              Queen, Dont stop me now

              1985 Bowling for soup.

              Though the fire and flames dragon force
              Cheap Stuff in THANOS



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                Tornado of Souls - Megadeth
                Year Zero - Ghost
                Panic Attack - Dream Theater
                The entire Pink Guy album (the first one, not pink season)
                The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
                Me & You - HONNE (Probably one of the few pop songs I like, the album's pretty good too)
                Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi
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                  Really dont feel like Remaking a playlist so ill just type like a few songs......

                  1. Jake Hill- Watch Me Wither
                  2. Josh A- Outbreak
                  3. Panda Eyes- Master Sword
                  4. Snails- Frogbass
                  5. IFeature- Over you
                  6. Jake Hill- John in the Morning (extended)

                  Tediore is a good company change my mind.


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                    Sekiro OST - Emma the gentle blade, Genichirro
                    MapleStory OST - Ellinia theme, Temple of time, Shattered time
                    Bloodborne - Cleric beast, Father Gascoigne
                    Chrono Cross - Time's scar
                    Chrono Trigger - Corridors of time
                    Legend of Zelda - Overworld
                    Vocaloid - Odoryanse
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                      beep boop big reminder
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                        Sorry Bois I'll be putting this thread on hold since something ina way important happened I'll rate them after a while tho hehe

                        Sorry again

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                          Bumping so I don't lose the replies
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                            Happy Tree Friends intro
                            Kimi no awa - all types of musical genre
                            Legends never die
                            Originally posted by Yasuo
                            Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                              I'd love to see what you think of this

                              Actual video starts at 0:43
                              Discord: Chedman6#5055