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    Bumping cause still gay enough not to rate
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      The Stupendium - Art Of Darkness
      The Stupendium - The Aftermath
      The Stupendium - Why Did I Say Okie Doki?

      tl;dr: the stupendium
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        I like every single Maroon 5's songs lol absolutely gives me gooooooooooooosemups.
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          I like songs from Nirvana


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            Originally posted by Nirvana View Post
            I like songs from Nirvana
            Damn thanks for pointing that out couldn't have noticed

            - - - Updated - - -

            Will be rating your trashy music Tommorow so Bump
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              Muscial taste? Me?!. Don't worry the answer is simple : 0%. Let's just say that I'm not exactly musically gifted! .
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                gamez music cool ngl

                Just Shapes and Beats Soundtrack

                Celeste Soundtrack

                Sonic Mania Soundtrack

                Undertale Soundtrack

                Peace and Tranquility - A Hat in Time
                No More Bad Guys - A Hat in Time
                Killing Two Birds - A Hat in Time
                Rift Collapse - A Hat in Time
                Deathwish - A Hat in Time

                Reach for the Stars (Sonic Colors Theme)
                Planet Wisp Act 1 - Sonic Colors
                Aquarium Park Act 1 - Sonic Colors
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                  Originally posted by Elyrion View Post
                  gamez music cool ngl

                  Just Shapes and Beats Soundtrack

                  Celeste Soundtrack

                  Undertale Soundtrack

                  A Hat in Time
                  yes yes yes yes and yes
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                    Touhou music is all time top
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                      Ok well here are my uh 10 top tracks I've listened to on Spotify the past 4 weeks. (Data from

                      Ryan Caraveo - Bang

                      Powfu - ill come back to you

                      INZO - Overthinker

                      Coyote Theory - Taking Over the World

                      Cavetown - Devil Town

                      EDEN - 909

                      NF - Nate

                      Cavetown - Green

                      Powfu - Dead Eyes

                      Nothing More - Go To War

                      DREAMERS - Die Happy
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                        Ok ok we doing this tommorow for sure I shall stop procrastinating
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                          I like some music that published by Turbo

                          Like :

                          Guren no yumiya - Turbo

                          Stand Proud - Turbo

                          uragiri no requiem - Turbo

                          Onegai Muscle - Turbo

                          Go Far Kid - Turbo
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                            Hexsystem - u m a m i
                            Favourites: everything

                            Eternal Atake - Lil Uzi Vert

                            Favourites: Celebration Station, Yessirskiii, Bean (Kobe)

                            IGOR - Tyler, the Creator
                            Favourites: EARFQUAKE

                            Flowerboy - Tyler, the Creator
                            See you again

                            WOLF - Tyler, the Creator
                            Colossus, Answer

                            Had Enough

                            and the song that will always have a special place in my heart,

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                              Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
                              Ok boi another one noice well I'll be giving this one a proper listen since it seems I undercut them on the previous rating so will review the smol Bois and start with the albums

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              Originally posted by No Emotions View Post
                              Heart Forecast - Eve MV
                              New Friends - Maty Noyes
                              X - Poppy

                              Those are probably the ends of the spectrum
                              Heart Forecast - Eve MV : I don't know what genre this is exactly but I call them Japanese pop shyt on YT and gotta say they're lovable 8.7/10

                              New Friends - Maty Noyes : NO I don't Frick with this stuff oh hell NAAAAAAW 2/10

                              X - Poppy : Boi she went from "hello nice to meet you ma'am" to "Your son calls me mommy too" damn boi the switch up is great tbh and the overall vibes and feels are NOICE 9.3/10

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              Originally posted by Bobotov View Post
                              Black Mesa: Xen Soundtrack.

                              Cuphead soundtrack
                              I reviewed the black Mesa soundtrack before : can't find the link tho so RiP but yeah am sure I did

                              As for cuphead the soundtrack gives off this perfect 80's jazzy disco happy mood which is great overall fantastic soundtrack that really fits the game 6.7/10

                              Small just thing I want to address I won't be rating soundtracks to games unless I have played them or have some sort of experience with them since the enjoyment of the soundtrack is heavily dependent on memories you share with the game so I'd most definitely give it a low AF rating and I don't think anyone would appreciate that so yea I do have some experience with cuphead so that's why I rated it same goes for half life
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                                Dude ranch - Blink 182

                                Ten - Pearl Jam

                                Somewhere back in time (The best of 1980-1989) - Iron Maiden


                                The colour and the shape - Foo Fighters
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