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      Originally posted by AssasinRio View Post

      Tornado of Souls - Megadeth
      Year Zero - Ghost
      Panic Attack - Dream Theater
      The entire Pink Guy album (the first one, not pink season)
      The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
      Me & You - HONNE (Probably one of the few pop songs I like, the album's pretty good too)
      Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi

      Tornado of Souls - Megadeth : terrible vocals , decent solos 3/10

      Year Zero - Ghost : damn this is actually pretty goood , I like the vocals very much and the amazing hook it's just wow , especially since it's not heavy on the ears or anything great song 7/10

      Panic Attack - Dream Theater : pretty noice guitar composition on this one , vocals aren't bad even tho they do fall off at times it doesn't effect the overall quality by much 6/10

      The entire Pink Guy album : the nice thing about the pink guy album is how it shows how filthy Frank aka JoJi started as an artist with music you just can't listen to in public to just a E-boy sad hours music creator , I definitely enjoyed pink guy and pink season far more than his newer stuff since it has this comedical vibe with it and just hilarious lyrics that get you wheezing , i mean you know the album is great when the first genuine lyrics just starts with "I still masturbate" , and it clearly doesn't fall off on the instrumental side it's just gets better each track. the pink guy album gets a solid 7.5/10

      The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson : no/10

      Me & You - HONNE : am pretty sure I rated this before but nevertheless I'll rate again , decent vocals , catchy hook and feeling the heartbreak you've never felt before 6/10

      Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi : man this feels like a 90's anime opening I love it 9/10

      I reccomend checking out post rock which in a way is similar to metal I guess just no vocals amazing for background music

      lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven by Godspeed you! black emperor
      slow riot for the new zero kanada by the same artist

      overall your taste is a drum rolls please a 7.6/10

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      Originally posted by NotTheCat View Post
      Sekiro OST - Emma the gentle blade, Genichirro
      MapleStory OST - Ellinia theme, Temple of time, Shattered time
      Bloodborne - Cleric beast, Father Gascoigne
      Chrono Cross - Time's scar
      Chrono Trigger - Corridors of time
      Legend of Zelda - Overworld
      Vocaloid - Odoryanse
      sorry as I said I am not rating OST of anime or games or movies unless I've watched them so sorry Ive watched/played non of those

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      you already sent me about the black Mesa soundtrack....
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        Originally posted by Liquify View Post
        after suggesting Billie, Lorde and Rich Brian, here I come with more albums for you to rate

        Aurora album :
        infections of a different kind step 1 and 2
        All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

        and my current favourite album, Kid Krow by Conan Gray
        kid krow by Conan gray : with 0 motivation at all to even check this album I checked it out and gave it a listen here are the results :

        comfort crowd : what a f*ck boi , his vocals are terrible and cancerous to my ears even tho they're calm and nice I just hate his voice this does serve as a good introduction to the album tho for anyone who enjoys his voice I guess I gotta give it to him tho his hooks are rather decent

        wish you were sober : I hate to admit that this song is rather decent , the hook is just extremely UGHHH stuck in my head even tho I hate the electronic BLUE BALLS HOURS stuff in the background god I hate to admit this one is rather decent

        maniac : MAN his delivery on this one is rather energetic and just amazing how he just lays those lyrics that are SOOO TRASH yet MAN does he deliver them soo energetically they seem like a Denzel Curry song and the hook too it's just nice

        online love : decent transition between songs

        checkmate : the hook , vocals , lyrics , delivery and instrumental are TRASH this song is terrible and just ruined my Vibe after getting two great tracks that are just wow such a let down

        the cut that always bleeds : nice clam song nothing too special

        fight or flight : FIGHT OR FLIGHT ID RATHER DIE THAN TELL YOU AM IN LOVE WITH YOU , damn my hope has been restored this one really did come through

        Affluenza : somehow I am enjoying the choir on this one far more than the hook especially since the hook is rather irritating and just eh uncreative at all decent instrumental too

        Can We Be Friends? : the transitions on this album are rather nice I'll say that they definitely do stand out imo

        heather : not bad definitely decent , am getting those "impossible love" vibes for some reason but it's probably just me decent hook and delivery overall I'd say the most average song on the record so far

        Little League : and now to my favourite track on the entire album which is just amazing tbh , delivery , vocals , hook , instrumental and just the overall vibe it's just amazing

        the story : sad Boi hours ending I'd say it's a great closer for the album that DEFINITELY made the album slightly better

        from what i heard and saw there is heavy vibes of bisexuality and how a gay guy likes a straight guy and a guy liking a gay girl etc. those types of lyrics and just overall vibes from the entire record which is probably the inspiration of the album I assume too it's a decent album not better than melodrama tbh I'd say around pure heroine overall this album gets a solid 6.9/10 because 69 lol

        the other albums are pure ass won't be telling my score since you didn't seem to be okay with infections of a different kind step rating as it still does stand

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        Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
        I tried SOOOO hard to enjoy this I just CAN'T , I just hate dubstep and those Bois genre stuff , it's probably a great album in its genre since I'd say it was bare able

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          Originally posted by Oma357 View Post
          I tried SOOOO hard to enjoy this I just CAN'T , I just hate dubstep and those Bois genre stuff , it's probably a great album in its genre since I'd say it was bare able

          Yeah, that's fair enough, I personally love their music but I understand that it's definitely not for everyone lmao.
          btw it's psytrance, not dubstep, also idk wym by bois genre stuff
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            Top songs on my playlist

            I have a few songs I like a lot (I'll only put english ones) :
            - Birds (Imagine Dragons)
            - Bad Liar (Imagine Dragons)
            - Zero (Imagine Dragons)
            - Demons (Imagine Dragons)
            - Llama in my living room (Aron Chupa)
            - Rave in the grave (Aron Chupa) (And all of their other songs)
            - Dance Monkey (Tones and I)
            - No Vacancy (One republic)
            There's a lot more but these are my favorites lol
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              Originally posted by LBForce_GT View Post
              - Llama in my living room (Aron Chupa)
              I hate the fact that this is unironically good lol
              My heart belongs to Mistie ๐Ÿ’˜
              I love her so so much eee
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                Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
                Yeah, that's fair enough, I personally love their music but I understand that it's definitely not for everyone lmao.
                btw it's psytrance, not dubstep, also idk wym by bois genre stuff
                I didn't know how to pronounce psytrance lmaoo
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                    it takes dedication
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                      stupid horse
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                        bro how you rate no/10 on marylin manson


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                          Move Me by Badflower
                          "The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But Iโ€™ve learned that deep down, thereโ€™s a light that never goes out!" - Sora


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                            Originally posted by TeachMeHow View Post
                            Happy Tree Friends intro
                            Kimi no awa - all types of musical genre
                            Legends never die
                            Happy Tree Friends intro : how is this even considered music? actually nevermind sure thing happy tree friends is actually a pretty lit show easily the bloodiest TV show around/10

                            Kimi no awa - all types of musical genre : yes I know Kimi no awa but what????? what's the name of the song? do you mean the soundtrack? or what exactly??

                            Legends never die : nice vocals not a fan of the "pop" sound on this thing but eh decent song overall I would recommend you check the J-pop League of legends song it's pretty nice 6/10

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                            Originally posted by HairyPother View Post
                            I'd love to see what you think of this

                            Actual video starts at 0:43
                            wow this is actually pretty amazing the off rythmic in a way goosebumps and just anxious feeling this gives me BOI it's amazing especially that piano player holy BOI he got some fast fingers look at him go honestly it's very amazing it's like death grips but they're classical music lol 8.9/10

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                            Originally posted by daneeko View Post
                            The Stupendium - Art Of Darkness
                            The Stupendium - The Aftermath
                            The Stupendium - Why Did I Say Okie Doki?

                            tl;dr: the stupendium

                            damn a tl;dr I didn't expect one of those on this thread lol but eh thanks I guess anyways not a fan of the games fan songs stuff they sometimes come off as cringy or being too big of a fan boy don't get me wrong I think it's very nice of them to create something nice to the game and it's probably appreciated but alot of people not me personally I think the songs lyrics are poorly executed and same goes for the instrumentals , the hooks are amazing tbh they kinda are catchy but the rest of his songs fall down imo I'd say a 4/10 alot of things to work on imo but I understand enjoying it tbh especially a younger audience

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                            Originally posted by Creatorss View Post
                            I like every single Maroon 5's songs lol absolutely gives me gooooooooooooosemups.
                            maroon 5 is trash get your trashy music outta here /10

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                            Originally posted by Nirvana View Post
                            I like songs from Nirvana
                            damn couldn't have guessed that

                            Nirvana's great not their biggest fan personally haven't listen to other than In Utero and only the first two songs planning on listening to the rest of the thing , scentless apprentice was nice tbh it was a solid 8 imo good taste man good taste

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                            Originally posted by MineDeath View Post
                            Muscial taste? Me?!. Don't worry the answer is simple : 0%. Let's just say that I'm not exactly musically gifted! .
                            ok trash/10

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                            Originally posted by Elyrion View Post
                            gamez music cool ngl

                            Just Shapes and Beats Soundtrack

                            Celeste Soundtrack

                            Sonic Mania Soundtrack

                            Undertale Soundtrack

                            Peace and Tranquility - A Hat in Time
                            No More Bad Guys - A Hat in Time
                            Killing Two Birds - A Hat in Time
                            Rift Collapse - A Hat in Time
                            Deathwish - A Hat in Time

                            Reach for the Stars (Sonic Colors Theme)
                            Planet Wisp Act 1 - Sonic Colors
                            Aquarium Park Act 1 - Sonic Colors
                            nice don't rate game music sadly

                            listened to some of the Celeste soundtrack since dynnie took me children as hostage and forced me to listen to some of the songs I'd say it's pretty good tbh a solid soundtrack imo definitely is something new and fits the games vibe I guess I'd say a solid 8/10 from what I heard

                            listened to peace and tranquility from the AHIT soundtrack since SuperParty took my wife as hostage to listen to it honestly its pretty laid back and chill a solid 7.6/10 imo definitely a must check if you played the game or skightly is Intrested in the game
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                              Originally posted by loyalty View Post
                              Hexsystem - u m a m i
                              Favourites: everything

                              Eternal Atake - Lil Uzi Vert

                              Favourites: Celebration Station, Yessirskiii, Bean (Kobe)

                              IGOR - Tyler, the Creator
                              Favourites: EARFQUAKE

                              Flowerboy - Tyler, the Creator
                              See you again

                              WOLF - Tyler, the Creator
                              Colossus, Answer

                              Had Enough

                              and the song that will always have a special place in my heart,

                              Hexsystem : I shall check the album listed and give it a listen properly so good job it seems like a rather nice album from the small pieces I heard the one with the blue cover hehe

                              eternal atake : Uzi worst album imo his biggest bruh as an artist who rarely misses on any track especially since it was extremely hyped up by Uzi and not only that it got delayed several times which set the bar a bit too high imo the album is barely a 5/10 it fails of many aspects as an Uzi album definitely Uzi's worst

                              Tyler the creator - IGOR : finally some cultured taste IGOR is just an amazing album as I personally think flower boy it definitely doesn't make IGOR any less better of an album it's a 9.2/10 and definitely a must listen my favourite tracks on this thing are easily all of them are we still friends takes the trophy home tho it's easily the best on the entire record , he definitely deserves the Grammy he got for this one , good job Boy in Blue

                              Flower Boy : AYYYYYY boi this is getting better flower boy is easily Tyler's best and it's undebatable all the tracks are amazing my personal favourite is when the flowers bloom it's just NOICE I'd say it's a 9.5/10 personally it was just beginning of Tyler's amazing style switch up which was honestly amazing and just GREAT overall

                              Wolf - Tyler : Tyler again NOICE , wolf is nice tbh definitely a decent album and an enjoyable one too a solid 6/10 imo

                              JackBoys : Travis Scott's label decides to make a project and out the entire thing on Travis's shoulders , an album heavily carried by Travis Scott and if not for him it would've failed 3/10

                              the song that holds a dear place in your heart : nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenice/10

                              you don't seem open up to genres if you are tho I can recommend other stuff anyways for now I recommend you check out these albums if you want to ofc

                              to pimp a butterfly by Kendrick Lamar : a mix of jazz , funk , rap and hip-hop all in one of the greatest rap albums of all time both lyrically , instrumentally and in every aspect imo a 10/10 personally

                              PlayBoi Carti's Die Lit : basically trap done right a solid 8.7/10 personally

                              Pray For Paris - Westside Gunna : amazing album a must check especially if you enjoyed Die Lit it's different from Die Lit but definitely an equally amazing album if not better

                              Rodeo - Travis Scott : Travis Scott's best album of all time imo amazing auto tune and just ASCENDED VIBE 9/10 personally check it out

                              hmu with feedback if possible
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                                I basically listen to all the generic things, j pop, c pop, and (occasionally) k pop. Oh, and all the popular American songs in 2015-2016.
                                I know, my music taste is 0/10.
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