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how can i reduce weight ?

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    Exercises and a proper nutrition. You can choose a proper activity for yourself (running, cycling, at least you can start with walking). Drink more water, replace junk food and candies with fruits. It works for me. Hope it helps.


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      okie thanks guys for your advice. My mom threw away all the sugary foods in the pantry while i was sleeping lol (She always complains that I did not ate her cooked meals)
      im trying to gradually adjust my diet and trying to exercise during this quarantine helllll



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        don't snack, exercise, balance your diet (don't count calories, just keep your meals balanced and obviously avoid unhealthy foods), stay hydrated


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          Use this website to calculate your BMR, which in layman's terms is just the amount of calories you burn by doing absolutely nothing. Since we're under quarantine, it's safe to assume that, barring any purposeful workouts, the amount of calories you burn in a day will be roughly around this number. Eating like 200-400 calories below this number (based on how much you can afford to lose) is pretty much a guaranteed way to lose weight. I've been eating conscientiously in regards to my BMR, and it's helped me stay at a constant healthy weight throughout quarantine.

          While tracking your calories may be hard at first, it really is one of the best, most surefire ways to ensure you lose weight. I empathize with you greatly on your struggle. Good luck!
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            diet and fitness, that's the only way I think


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              Drink lots of water. Water has 0 calories. It'll kinda reduce hunger, making you eat less (I think) and much hydrated at the same time, cleansing your body from toxins. Of course balanced diet and sufficient exercise like cardio.
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                Step 1: don’t ask here
                Step 2: give me your fats
                Step 3: Don’t Starve
                Step 4: wonder how the **** are those even connected
                Step 5: ???
                Step 6: Profit!
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                  eat less fpfp
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                    Portion control, drink lots of water, do some exercise. Simple yet works like a charm.

                    (At the very least, drink lots of water. It keeps you full and flushes out toxins. Water is good for you. Drink a lot of it.)

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                      Stand while playing if you are lazy.
                      Don't use the air-con and fan.
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                        Quick Reminder...

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                          cant gain weight gang whr ya at
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                            Drink a lot of water, exercise enough, and sleep well. Sounds basic right? Also, don't starve yourself.
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                              Dragon speaking...

                              Eat 2 times per day which are breakfast and lunch only, if you have routines like cycling, exercise. You'll better do it

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                                Lemon water and cardio UwU
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