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People who use fullstops/periods at the end of their sentences

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    Originally posted by Chem View Post
    serious discussions take place here
    lol when has there ever been a serious discussion here?
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      Am I getting called out too?

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      Originally posted by Clarken (ciarken) View Post
      You know it's really not that big of a deal.. I think you'll come to find it's a waste of time being annoyed by everyone's little quirks.

      I've seen 3 threads like this in the past few days and in my opinion it's just so overly negative. What's wrong with using periods exactly?
      This tbh. Really worth making a thread y'a'll. /s

      Well, I don't mind not using periods but at least you have to separate your sentences in some way you want.
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        grammar is very nice to look at
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          I only use fullstops/punctuation and formal grammar if I'm chatting with people that I don't know.



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            Originally posted by blakadder View Post
            People who use punctuation marks seem to be more intelligent.
            Lol. I think you're very smart. Your brain is so big. You have a very big brain. Your family. Their kid is smart. They're very proud of the kid. There the kid has proteins. Lol I am laughing so hard right now.
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