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Congraduation Class of 2020!

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  • Congraduation Class of 2020!

    as seems not many Growtopian Community either Moderators, Developers, Community manager, and other Growtopia team didn't say anything for our Growtopia's community who graduates this year with Online graduation, and others this.

    as mylocation and behalf of Growtopia community
    I wanna say Congraduation to all graduates!

    I know it's hard to make some memories by meeting your classmate and party for your special achievement! but Trust me
    when the pandemic is over, you guys can get something special to celebrate your winning of accomplishment of getting passed of your study!

    For Graduates of College major, I wanna say You did ! remember your journey isn't over yet!
    For Graduates of Senior High school, I wanna say Stay strong and don't give up on your study!
    For Graduates of Junior High school, Remember you need to stay strong and remember what's your goals are!
    For Graduates of elementary school, Remember you just did! remember to stay strong and positive!

    2020 student is a special student why, because they learn how technology work( From online class), and everything for an amazing future, but I'm sure everything is gonna be alright!

    Stay safe and healthy! #classof2020 Congratulations Graduate!

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