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Your favorite dog breed? and why?

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  • Your favorite dog breed? and why?

    We got good bois by our side called doggos. So, what's your fav breed and why? For mine, it's gonna be Chow-Chow cuz they're quiet but aloof. They're also fluffy to me.
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    Since I've never had a dog, I have quite a few.. so bare with me.
    I like Beagles, Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers.
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      Bichon Frise

      I like their white fluffy fat butts

      Well they look really cute too, and they are less noisy than poodles (Which they look similar), but they are dumber than poodles
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        Golden doodles (mix between poodle and golden retriever) because they are just the happiest breed and stay young forever.
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          Well OFC it's going to be my dogs breed. I don't know what it exactly is- but she's mixed with Chihuahua, Shih tzu, and Weiner Dog.
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              huskys are quite cute. Also labs and shibas are also cool. Thats all i can think of rn


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                Gotta be the classic Golden Retriever. Good boyos.
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                  Malshi. They are cute and not aggressive. They do shed but not that much.
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