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  • New song yet again

    This is the Touhou 10 Mix of Shinmyoumaru's theme from Touhou 14.

    This is my favorite boss theme so far, and I enjoyed mixing this one.
    Well, I would have enjoyed it more if my mouse wasn't broken and always does things I didn't ask it to do.
    I couldn't find other mixes of this theme so I decided to mix it myself, and I'm satisfied with the result~

    Hope you enjoyed it!
    Original Theme: Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess
    Original Composer: ZUN
    Used Instruments:
    SD-90 Flute vib
    SD-90 St. Strings
    SD-90 St. Choir Ahhs
    SD-90 Ana logClav 2
    SD-20 Romantic Tp.
    SQ Preset Piano 001 St. Concert
    SQ Preset Bass 007 Jazz Bass
    SQ Preset Bass 008 Rock Bass
    Virtual Guitarist Ultra I
    Virtual Guitarist Melancholy
    Processed Studio Kits 01 Gator Kit
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    fun times yes
    My heart belongs to Mistie 💘
    I love her so so much eee
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      i think pro song and very pro mix

      very cool, i like it
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      i like anime yes

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      good song