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  • anxiety

    walking down a path surrounded by people living a happy life, you think to yourself “will i be able to live like that?”

    your vision blurred as uneasiness crawled slowly, controlling your mind, you lost your focus as you stare blankly..

    suddenly thoughts started to appear in your mind “you’re not enough” “you will fail” “you are not like them, you are less”...

    with these thoughts you feel worried, you are worried of what your parents think about you, you are worried about your grades, about your future.

    slowly your will, your hope fades, you feel as if you can’t do anything and you wanted to give up..

    as you were blankly starring in your worry, someone wakes you up, bringing you back to reality..

    with her smile your uneasiness goes away, your will slowly returns, she is your will to fight, she is your cure for anxiety.

    the feeling of wanting to give her a happy life fuels you and with that your hope shines brighter than any darkness.
    IGN : Polyphia

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    Everyone is different when it comes to battling their own anxiety. Personally, mine just came with age and with the mentality of 'You only live once, so why care about what other people think?'. But everyone is different, and if you haven't already, you will eventually overcome your anxiety. But judging by the ending, you have already found your cure in which I'm very pleased you have


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      Woah! This was a really nice piece of writing, I've never really been able to describe anxiety personally mainly due to the fact that I'm an over-thinker and am not the best with words but I found the ending quite powerful and the meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing this.


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        Anxiety is a terrible feeling that has tormented me for a very long time. I even had to take pills from Canada Pharmacy. But, I stopped in time, because I understood that all my life I could not calm down with pills. I rethought the meaning of life, began to think positively, and just enjoy life. And everything changed, I started living and enjoying every day. Everything is in our head and we can change everything)