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  • Weird Phobias/Fear

    Do you guys have that one weird thing you fear? Cause I have one and I've never met anyone who has the same thing except on the internet.

    So my weird phobia is the fear of someone slicing my throat out of nowhere. I swear my neck is super sensitive to the point where I actually yell when someone touches it. Only my best friend knows this phobia because of that one time he tried to grab my neck as a joke I screamed too loud and he was confused so I had to explain it to him so now he always makes fun of me and keeps teasing me about touching it and EVERYTIME he talks about necks I always cover mine. I also like to wear hoodies, turtle necks, and scarf just to feel safer and comfortable. When I walk alone I always get paranoid and think that someone behind my back has a knife and is planning on slicing my throat.

    I had this phobia because when I was a kid around 2010 I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a video of a man cutting off someone's head very slowly until the guy was fully beheaded. This was the ancient time of the internet so that's why those videos weren't deleted back then. I was so traumatized when I saw that video. I'm guessing that video doesn't exist anymore but yeah that video really scarred me for life.

    So what's your phobia? I'd really like to hear about your phobias.
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    I have extreme fear of dogs.. yeah, I'm embarrassed let's say i was in pvp irl with escaped dogs


    • A2GTs
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      Try to watch Animal's Planet Program called Extreme Animal Phobia (i dont really remember the name)

    • Axist
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      Will do sometimes, except I'll probably be slaughter by the dogs here.

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    I had a fear of bee family bugs and high bridges over the water (it's like a mixture of the fear of heights and the sea) and tornadoes, looks like I've overcame all of the them over the years



    • Dzez
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      note: I live in a zone where there hasn't been a strong tornado for centuries and when they do rarely happen (never) it isn't that strong

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    kinda sounds like you have intrusive thoughts


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      I always get scared if i see a wasp or i see somone wearing black shirt and i think he has a knife or gun or smthn soo i just give it a sprint
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      • Dzez
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        same man, what defeated the fear of wasps for me is standing up and backing yourself up. You see a wasp trying to attack you? Slam that lil shighte

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      I have a fear of being watched by a Canadian Goose
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        i dont like to look at eyes
        even if it's just a realistic drawing
        cuz i think i will look weird if i look at someone in the eyes
        Write something...


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          i m afraid of being in a tight space where you can't even move your body and you can't breath easily, And its called claustrophobia based on the internet.

          and then this weird? phobia I have is that sometimes when Im walking and when I see some pit or some holes/manholes I always feel that If I stepped on that hole, I will fall in a endlessly pit lol and I'm also afraid of heights
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