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no school till march

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  • no school till march

    the date just got postponed to march this officially marks 1 year of no school

    i miss you all sm <3 forumers united i miss youuuu
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    Meanwhile we are still having exams and stuff at uni. Next exam is on January 5th, and I'm unable to go there since no bus company wants to bother travelling through the whole Europe in current situation.

    Nvm, found one company, tho it charges considerably more. Another 20h of driving once again.


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      oh, that sounds horrible, may God bless you on your journey to knowledge

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    skool be reopen on 20 januari despite 2k koved cases/day rn
    i think they gave up lol
    Write something...


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      It makes me feel so good.. But unfortunately I have to enter college in summer. I still have exams to be done so I do my homework almost every day.. practice


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        i’m goign to college this year and i still dont know how to function please kill me


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          My online class already started since March 2020
          After about 1-2weeks of liberty, well, im back to online school.
          Ahhh I miss offline school
          My name is A Two G-T-S. Yes its my name.
          Playing this since Dec 2018, but now i'm busy on study but still playing this game tho

          Why you still reading this.. you should go before your eyes got an ache
          please stop im shy please?!


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            we already do offline school here (but not all, just school with yellow/green zone) and I have to wake up early and I hate it lol.
            online school is better for me.
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