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  • Recommend any song.

    Title says it all (im bored I just want to discover new songs)
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      since I do not know your preferred genres of music I will divide the music I would recommend into their designated genres

      Hip - hop
      EARFQUAKE - Tyler, the Creator
      NEW MAGIC WAND - Tyler, the Creator
      Uncle Iroh - tobi lou
      See you again - Tyler, the Creator
      One Beer - MF DOOM
      Doomsday - MF DOOM
      XXX. - Kendrick Lamar
      DUCKWORTH - Kendrick Lamar
      Orange Soda - Baby Keem
      Rapp Snitch Knishes - MF DOOM
      XO Your LLif3 - Lil Uzi Vert
      King's Dead - Kendrick Lamar ft Future etc
      MET GALA - Gunna
      Praise the Lord (Da Shine) - A$AP Rocky
      Got It On Me - Pop Smoke
      A$AP Forever - A$AP Rocky
      Plain Jane - A$AP Ferg
      Laugh Now Cry Later - Drake
      WHAT'S GOOD - Tyler, the Creator
      m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar
      Bonfire - Childish Gambino
      IV. Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
      This Is America - Childish Gambino

      Indie? alt rock? pop? idk
      bad idea! - girl in red
      say anything - girl in red
      pretty girl - Clairo
      4EVER- Clairo
      Girl - SASSY 009 Ft. Clairo
      Nice Boys - TEMPOREX
      Hello? - Clairo Ft. Rejjie Snow
      Are you bored yet? - Willow ft.Clairo

      R&B/soul and kinda like lofi thing trip hop idk
      Sanctuary - Joji
      CAN'T GET OVER YOU - Joji
      Pretty Boy - Joji
      911/ Mr. Lonely - Tyler, the Creator
      See you again - Tyler, the Creator
      November - Tyler, the Creator
      Brownskin Bby - Ace Uzumakii
      23 - Rejjie Snow
      1992 - Rejjie Snow
      After the Storm - Kali Uchis
      What You Heard - Sonder
      Sandstorm ft.JID - Mereba
      3005 - Childish Gambino
      Redbone - Childish Gambino
      Feels Like Summer - Childish Gambino
      Sober - Childish Gambino

      Rolling Papers - Sleepdealer
      Blase - Limes
      haiku - Nohidea
      Sakura Trees - Saib

      J - pop/ J - rock
      Nettaiya - SHISHAMO
      Itte - Yorushika
      Tadakiminihare - Yorushika
      Nee, - SHISHAMO
      Asuwanai - SHISHAMO
      san francisco - MIDCRONICA
      Who's Theme - Nujabes
      Shiki no Uta - MINMI
      Mayonaka no Door - Matsubara Miki
      Plastic Love - Takeuchi Mariya
      Naimononedari - KANA BOON
      okay! - DAOKO
      zureteru - DAOKO
      Sorry Sorry - DAOKO
      Omae wa Mou - deadman
      zureteru - sickufo
      baby in the car - sickufo
      ochazuke - sickufo
      kireigoto - daoko, koducer
      tabun - YOASOBI

      that's pretty much it really, I'll update it if i found something else.
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        discovered this a few days ago

        Bad streams or videos of mine


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          I'm in the mood for dancing - Yuju gfriend Koi no uta
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          Try out mynvm

          good song


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            Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji (aka Pink Guy/FilthyFrank), Maxwell's Silver hammer by the Beatles, Kokomo by Beach Boys, Gurenge by LiSa, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, Benny and the Jets by Elton John also, Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots, Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots also, The Judge by Twenty One Pilots again, House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots again (2).
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              Does this count?

              Originally posted by loyalty View Post
              Uncle Iroh - tobi lou
              how about Uncle Iroh - Leaves From The Vine?
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                ah yes, leaves from the vine is a beautiful song for sure, my father is quite an avatar fan himself so this song hits hard every time, although I have somewhat watched avatar in my childhood years unfortunately I've forgotten most of it, been planning to watch it again seriously this time, but never got around to it, nonetheless Leaves from the vine is a beautiful song, even moved the hearts of those who have never watched the show before

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              Eminem - Ass like that (Maga Remix)


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                Broken Clocks- SZA
                Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
                Writer in the Dark- Lorde


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                  Positive Force (VVVVVV) is okay



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                    WAP WAP WAP


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                      Don't have specific songs for you but here are some good bands

                      Breaking benjamin
                      Fall out boys
                      My chemical romance
                      Foster the people
                      Boys like girls

                      Try any of their song that has the most views it's probably their best


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                        Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
                        Positive Force (VVVVVV) is okay
                        Positive Force is great tho
                        the whole VVVVVV soundtrack in general is 👌
                        hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
                        IGN: Dynnie
                        Discord: Dynnie#3475

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                            just a mega list of random weeb songs

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