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what are you doing when you're on this Pandemic Holiday?

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  • what are you doing when you're on this Pandemic Holiday?

    Like the title says all, and im confused what to do.
    any ideas?

    if I'm on GT can I hangout in GT, I feel like I have no friends.
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    Just hang out in game. You can go in social worlds what are near full or full every day and just chat with random ppl. Or just watch movies or series. Exercise..


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      Marathon movies and anime, hang out with irl friend via zoom, look like no life, but its pandemic, not many activities we can do out there...
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        discover new hobbies, try out new things


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          I've been mostly at work but whenever I have time I play guitar
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            omg that is really elbanna (like the actual real one)

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            Dzez sssiiimmmppp

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          Try cooking meals from Growtopia
          My name is A Two G-T-S. Yes its my name.
          Playing this since Dec 2018, but now i'm busy on study but still playing this game tho

          Why you still reading this.. you should go before your eyes got an ache
          please stop im shy please?!


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            Doing calisthenics


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              Originally posted by QueenChlo
              Just hang out in WoW. The other day I ordered some powerleveling at (Covenant Campaign for about $105) now I am considered a top player in my social circle

              Same as QueenChloe and Loyalty. Play games and discover new hobbies at the moment it is studying the English literature of the 19th century
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                Decided to start playing Hollow Knight, I love it so much.

                but please remove grey prince zote please

                Tediore is a good company change my mind.


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                  I think I'm lucky that I never feel bored and find the day is never long enough whatever I am doing. So like many am spending much of my time reading as much as I can on the subject that currently occupies most of our minds. Also I watch Netflix. And have a new hobby - painting on rocks ( ). Very relaxing activity
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                    painting rocks? That is interesting...

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                  I do school, ive started working out a almost everyday so I can make the school baseball team, playing GT, and I started my YT channel. (Please subscribe)
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                    no holidays, only uni work


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                      today was the closest to holidays, took half a day off any work and had a bday dinner with housemates and a friend, received a very cute birthday card from her

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                    i am currently learning editing


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                      Originally posted by myLocation View Post
                      if I'm on GT can I hangout in GT, I feel like I have no friends.
                      Pro Growtopians easily get bored A noob like me still farming for living. You can be my friend

                      Originally posted by myLocation View Post
                      Like the title says all, and im confused what to do.
                      any ideas?
                      For weekend? Do house chores, help ur mom cook, paint on small paper (a paper cut into small piece, use tape on the edge so your painting not a mess; my new hobby tho), discover new series on TV (I recalled my childhood series, and now I watch it again).
                      If you're bored in online schooling and wearing earphone/headphone, you can study while hearing to music/favorite songs. Music makes your brain easier to absorb lessons (although sometimes it makes you focused better to the music than your teacher's sound! Like how I blurt out "cafe" while hearing to a song with "cafe" lyric when my teacher asked me a question AND I'M SO EMBARRASSED!)
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                        My family travels a lot but due to the pandemic, we had to cancel many trips. However, it's still possible to visit a lot of great places. That's why we are planning to go on travels. By the way, I highly recommend Silverleaf resort, this place is fantastic. If someone interested in it, here is silverleaf resorts phone number.
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