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  • Remember Everybody Edits?

    Well, they have an EE2 in closed beta, and I can safely say that they started copying locks from Growtopia. So instead of having the level locked and only unlocked via a password, you now have "zones" in which you can edit. Exactly like small/big/huge locks in Growtopia.

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    wht is ee2?
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      Everybody Edits has been around since 2010, two years before Growtopia. Adding in locks doesn't mean that they are stealing ideas from Growtopia. It means they are adding a lock mechanic. I mean, what else are you supposed to do there? Neither game is stealing ideas from one another and both games are extremely unique regardless of their obvious similarities. Both games are essentially 2D platformers with primarily sandbox elements, but they are absolutely not the same game at all.
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        Originally posted by Staanley View Post
        wht is ee2?
        some 2013 growtopia copy I guess? was not around here at that time so cant confirm, just from what I could find about it