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how do people sell fossil spots

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  • how do people sell fossil spots

    i've had more than 50 people call me a scammer so I just logged off, probably should have broken them myself
    i'm selling 3wl per fossil have about 2-4 fossils a day but you only pay if there are new fossils (if maintenance/rollback don't need to pay)
    instagram: @xuanfeng0

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    Fossil spots are where you put locks (preferably Small Locks) around a bunch of rocks and you can sell access to those locks to people so when a fossil pops up, they come and go get it (not you because you sold that spot). People would call you a scammer if you get the fossils from spots you sold I guess.
    BTW, I think you’re in the wrong sub-forum.


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      no as in, when you're selling spots you ask them to pay first, not access them first right?
      they'll say you scam
      instagram: @xuanfeng0


      • Eviva
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        Oh yes, I believe you must let them pay first. If they don’t pay then just say no lol.