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Updated stance on investment threads.

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  • Updated stance on investment threads.

    As some of you may have noticed, after a thread being raised to our attention, we decided to discuss the concept of "invest in me" collaborations and their legality on the forums. See Hamumu's post here:

    Originally posted by Hamumu View Post
    Don't ever "invest" in another player. Ignore ALL "investment" threads that get posted here.

    It should not surprise you that giving somebody something for nothing is a bad idea. You don't have to think that hard to figure that out.

    We cannot help you when you get scammed by these people. Just ignore them.
    A post on our stance was left on one of the threads, but this will serve as an official notice for all future thread creations regarding the subject.

    After the aforementioned discussion, we saw it best to make these investment threads now illegal. Some of them may have good intentions and be beneficial for both parties, but due to the sheer amount of them that will be used for malicious and nefarious outcomes, we believe it's better to disallow the posting of them altogether.

    Any threads created asking for members of the community to "invest in me and get x back in x weeks!" or anything of the sort will be closed or deleted without warning. If any of you invest in these threads, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive your investments back.

    Remember: critical thinking and skepticism are your best friends to stop yourself form being misled, scammed or manipulated. Don't ever give anyone anything you're not willing to lose.


    Is it punishable in-game? - No, as of the moment we can’t control player choices on investments. It’s legal, but highly discouraged and something we don’t support. It’s the posting of threads that’s disallowed.

    What about investments using farmables instead of WLs? - Same stance; all threads asking for players to invest in them for profit will be shut down.
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