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Unfair ban for Growstone

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  • Unfair ban for Growstone

    To make it clear, he was ONLY banned in forums.

    This is what he said:

    "I literally had the permission to be on the forums after being banned in 2018 for helping someone with something mods didn't like.

    Yesterday, I got banned for ban evading, although our CM confirmed on January that I can create a new account.

    I contacted supported, and they told me to contact Nekorei.
    I contacted NekoRei, she contacted support, support didn't want to unban me.

    Did I do anything wrong in your opinion? I have literally just been existing here, doing cool suggestions, reporting bugs, and helping everyone...

    Else, I might have to shutdown every single service that I'm running for Growtopia (GrowStocks/GTPP), and quit..."

    Moderators may contact him on Discord for proof DataCell#4008

    In my opinion the ban is not fair after all the help and dedication towards Growtopia.
    Also growstocks is an amazing project and we don't want it shut down.
    Last edited by AsMoww; 08-02-2019, 10:30 AM. Reason: Made it clear that he was banned in forums, not game.

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    Yeah, needs further investigation

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      If the man has repented and come back to give back to the community through creating a price checker,I dont understand why he should still be banned. Please discuss this matter with him if you are a higher up.
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        Yeah, needs further investigation

        RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

        "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
        - Eleanor Roosevelt


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          Is it a forum banned right? Ban evading is illegal too.


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            The new mods aRE CORRUPT. I want them to be demoted. Especially Misthios.
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              GT support/mods has been banning people even with other moderators permission. Doubt you'll get unbanned.
              Bad luck.
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                This is just UNBELIEVABLE!
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                  Wow, I usually say it's not our business, and writing here won't help, but this time, you're right.
                  Giving someone a ban after being told they wouldn't give him a ban on it? It's just unbelievable.
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                    If you’re banned in gt forever then move houses with a new device and WiFi is that ban evading or... because I’ve moved houses 9 times in my life time


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                      1 more unban for u
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                        This seems very unfair to ban someone over something they had permission over
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                          Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Free bump for you.
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                            Hey guys,

                            I'm looking into this! Just waiting for an answer back from NekoRei so we can get everything cleared up. c:

                            It's definitely an odd situation, and I'd like everything to be fine!

                            Much love
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                              let me remind you that after being banned first, he created an alt to ban evade before he got any permission from support/cm/anyone. i have no idea why he was cleared completely afterward, except for emotional appeal, but he sure as hell didn't deserve redemption. in the unlikely case that the mods have decided to suddenly enforce their rules on ban evading, good for them.

                              i very well remember him using emotionally manipulative language to justify his actions (specifically after being caught ban evading) and guilt trip the mods who banned him. i don't remember the details, i think it was in the support mail pictures he posted or his statement or something, so i'm not willing to prove any of this in any way.