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My Magplant Service! (BFG SERVICE) v2.0

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    To the top!
    Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
    suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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      Pwede ba ako pumusilit ang 15k na pepper blocks? Hahah na kulang wls ko eh. Wala pa interest yung ang hiram sa akin
      Originally posted by Yasuo
      Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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        Interested. Read pm
        Instagram: Footballape gt
        follow me pls


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          Originally posted by BEYSBOLL View Post
          BEYSBOLL's BFG Service!
          Welcome to my thread

          Hi, my name is BEYSBOLL! And, I decided to do a BFG Service for you!

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          How's your service is going to work?

          >You will drop your farmables in my world I will tell what world is it once you want to use my service and I'll take it and BFG them for you. If your farmable are all broken, the seeds will be given back to you.

          Sounds fishy, how can I trust you?

          >I am a Growtopian since 2014, and I have a lot of experience already in the game. I'm also a matured man. I will never become greedy in a pixelated item. I'm a master sorcerer in a forum and level 76 in-game.

          What will be our benefits?

          >You will break your farmables faster
          >I'll get some world locks from the renters.

          is there any requirements for us to join?

          Yes, and I listed it for you!


          To use my service, you'll be needing a minimum amount of farmables.

          Fish Tanks = Min, 20,000 blocks
          Pepper Trees = Min, 20,000 blocks
          Laser Grids = Min, 15,000 blocks
          Chandeliers = Min, 15,000 blocks

          The reason why there is a minimum amount of farmables because BFG renters hate a small amount of farmables.

          Reply to my thread if you want to use my service.

          Big font so you can remember my name.
          I am interested as well. Have lgrids


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            ~Interested~ I have 22.6k ftank blocks ready to be broken. Gonna wait for ur reply


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              Interested! Have 15k LGRIDS
              SAVE THE EARTH PLOX