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Slayer7's Advanced BFG Service (Read If you have farmables)

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  • Slayer7's Advanced BFG Service (Read If you have farmables)

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    It seems now a days everyone and their grandparents are opening a BFG service but mine is a bit different. How its going to work is you drop your farmables in a designated spot. I put those farmables in the magplant and once its done I'll give you back the seeds. The way its different is not only will you get the seed profit but depending on the 3 factors listed below you will be eligible to get 50% of rent profit for the rooms your farmable sells.

    What are the 3 Factors ?
    • The type of farmable you have
    • How many of that farmable you have
    • The consistency (meaning are you a regular supplier or just supplying once)

    Benefits to the Owner of the farmables
    • Break your farmables faster and enjoy the sweet profit
    • Wls from the rent you sell durning the duration of your farmables

    The main reason I am doing this is because I have 15 farm worlds of my own that I use the BFG for and I'll be getting links in famous BFG link worlds so I don't want the links to go to waste since the BFG will be only open 2 days with my farmables. The other 50% of the profit from renting goes to paying admins in the world to moniter the world for any spammers, auto miners and to help with any renters/answer any general questions.

    If you have any questions please either msg me in game IGN: Slayer7 or reply down below

    Also if anyone knows how to rezie images on the forums please let me know

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    Noob upload more


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      Are you still doing this?
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        I need bfg service got 8ftanks farm and 8pepper farm full . Sir msg me here in forum and we discuss


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          Bump of Hermes
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            sounds neat, i'm interested, albeit i'm not sure if this is even available now
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            I totally wasn't looking at what you had on your task bar, but osu? Nice.

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              im interested i might be supplying almost every day depending on how tired i am hit me up in game or pm me here
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                I am very interested.

                Reserve me a room please.

                Ill be doing pepper in around 2/3 weeks.
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                  Me too I usually do a 2-4/4 breaks in a week that 2 days
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                    still doing it?
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