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    If I were to buy science stations now that are worth 550wls how many wls would i earn per day and whats the best thing to make with them and if its still worth it to buy them... Thankssss

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    Heya I just made a stat farm not so long ago and the profit I get everyday from a 2500-2600(didn’t count world) is about 3-4wls per harvest so about 6-8wls daily so if you spend 550 you should be able to make back your money in about 3-4 months depending on luck and price
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      The average amount of days it takes to get your science station world locks back is around 80 days from my experience. (I bought my worlds for 5.8/wl)
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        Best thing to make is fuel, imo.
        Save it for harvest, fuel price will rise..
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