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Need white block supplier

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  • Need white block supplier

    Im in need for a /White Block/ supplier for my buy+ world,

    I need bulk amounts or daily for long term.
    My price is 200/1 i need around 10k ish daily.
    Or like even 100k+ in one trade

    Small amounts are also appreciated

    To contact me you can:
    -/Msg Emirsenkul in game,
    -Post a mail in BUYWHITE (into the portal first)
    -or you can just reply this thread

    One for all
    All for one
    We are strong
    We are one
    One for all
    All for one
    We are one (nemeses)
    A malicious fever burns
    In our hearts, In our veins
    Your blood, My blood
    All blood runs the same, the same