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  • Bfg owners Anybody?

    i just started investing in lgrids i have a 7 full farms RN can somebody let me provide their bfg?
    this boy sus.
    IGN: Arpher
    Broke 24/7


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    Hi! I think I am pretty interested in doing this. I kind of need fossils right now. I have a rent BFG world and all you have to do is transfer all your lgrids there. You may add me in Discord, Eviva#5517 and msg me there or you may dm me on IG evivagt. You may msg me in-game (IGN:Eviva) or leave a mail in the world CVIH You can leave all the promoting to me. I can also give you half of the profit from rent if you'd like so it's a win-win situation I guess
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    • A2GTs
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      Well nevermind I need xps XD

    • ARPHER
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      thank you, i found a bfg owner a few days ago tho
      but if he is not available ill contact you

    • Eviva
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      Alright! Feel free to msg me anytime!

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    Eviva can i also provide for bfg rent? I may need one in Cyber Monday next week its only few, around 7k Lgrids to be exact...
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    • Eviva
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      Hi! I think I can let you provide for my BFG on that day. Do you have a Discord or IG where I can msg you?