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  • Providing for my BFG

    Have tons of farmables but don’t have the time nor will to break them? Fear not! I am here to help.

    How does it all work:
    You will transfer all your farmables to my BFG world and I will promote the world (My BFG worlds are perma linked from LINKBFG and BFGZ. I am saving up for a spot in SPOTBFG too) so that people will come and break them for gems. I will be the one retrieving the seeds and adding the blocks to the Magplant. I will then give you all the seeds I get to l retrieve for you to plant them in your farms.

    Terms and Conditions
    -The minimum number of farmable stocks is around 7K and maximum is 50k. I will not be accepting those below 7k and above 50k.
    -The farmables I will accept are Lgrid, Pepper and Chand ONLY. Sorry but I will not be accepting other farmables since those farmables I mentioned are the ones that people would usually come for. I really do not want to waste so much time and effort just trying to get people to come.
    -I don’t accept mixed farmables (example: You give me 2k Pepper, 3k,Lgrid and 4k chands. CHOOSE ONE ONLY..)
    -I have both Rent and Free BFG worlds. The world I will be using for you depends on how much stock you have (7k-20k stock=Free BFG, 20k -50k= Rent BFG).
    -I will NOT be giving you access to the world. I will simply give you the seeds I get to retrieve from the Gaia’s Beacon.
    -You can leave all the promoting to me but if you would like to help then you are more than free to.
    -I will give you a room (with VIP door) of your own to break in (no auto ofc)
    -I will not be accepting offers with deposit! I will not be paying you anything as guarantee or deposit. If you do not trust me, I’m afraid you’ll have to break the farmables on your own.
    -For Rent BFG, I will give you 25% of the profit from rent payments. So this one would definitely depend on how many people we would be able to get. For example, I got to accumulate around 20 Wls from rent payments. 25% of 20 is 5, I will give you 5 Wls from those 20 Wls.
    -I will not be asking for payment or any sort. You may ask why I am doing this for free and what benefit it would give me. Well, first, I get fossils from my world (I need them right now). Second, if you have enough stock for Rent BFG, I get profit from the rent payment right?
    -Am I trusted? Well, I wouldn’t be promoting in forums especially with the chance that mods would see the thread if I were a scammer.

    Interested? Fill this form out: Have a good day everyone!
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      whats yr growid
      It been 3 year since I been guild leader for Nofreeload.. there or up and down player that honest and player cant follow threw what they said they will do, I dont allow player to break rule because every time one do other will try to do the same.


      • Eviva
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        My GrowID is Eviva