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Mercy wings?

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  • Mercy wings?

    How much does it cost to make them?

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    around 800 dls
    Sample text


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      Around 40dl if you're not lvl 6+ on surgeon role
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        I spend 50 dls + for dr title and mercy wing


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          Originally posted by Rimuoi View Post
          Around 40dl if you're not lvl 6+ on surgeon role
          sejak kapan 40 wl mercy wing...
          dedenya iviki aj cmn 28-30 dl an ud pake semua perlengkapan + nano nurse bot
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          GOVSSU name only for sale lmao start 5 wl


          • Rimuoi
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            Ok lemme just get mercy ASAP
            Wait isn't iviki suspended?

          • PEPPERISTIC
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            broder woi
            tp kena ban jg altnya
            jd brodernya gbs maen di pcnya
            dead channel lg

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          Min 50 dls lol


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            It can cost you 28dls - 30dls to achieve mercy wings. It's around 1k surgeries 10dls~


            • Magicule
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              2k surg man

            • PEPPERISTIC
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              Magicule read correctly he said 1k surgery 10 dls 2k surg 20 dls

              For me i think ur calc wrong @FIMARx
              Just say every surg takes exactly 1 of each surg tools
              Means need 2000 of every surg tool (13 tools. Correct me if I'm wrong)

              Let's say 12 of em are 20/1, u need 12 dls
              Stits are 2/1, means 2000/1000
              Equals to 22 dls total

              Nano nurse bot 2 dl
              Set 2 dl
              Surg e is 15/1 let's say it's cheap lmao
              2000/15=134 wls

              So now total spend 2734 wls
              With stetgo gonna be around 30+ but it's not worth. Better buy tea 10 wls.
              Buy tome 5 wls
              Total: 2744 wls, roughly around 28 dls

            • FIMARx
              FIMARx commented
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              I said 1k surgs is close to 10dls so if you need 2k to achive the wings it might cost you 20dls-30dls. It's about your luck. I know a guy who used 19dls to get them