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PC: Yin-Yang Pendant

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  • PC: Yin-Yang Pendant

    It's one of the new Harvest Festival items that can be obtained by breaking trees with a hand scythe. It's function is very similar to the Speed medallion, where it gives you speedy and I think it stacks with other speedy items like Air Robinsons.

    As far as visuals go, wearing it makes fog/clouds appear at your feet with Yin-Yang symbols appearing here and there. When you move, the symbols leave a trail.

    Because of it's similarity to the Speed Medallion, I'd say it's about 5-6 diamond locks. What do you guys think?
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    if it stacks with other items like if you air robs and medallions then its going to be worth more then 5-6 dls but because its currently the most expensivest drop from hand scythe which there is like. 7. or 6 prizes(correct me if im wrong) there's a 1/7 you get the yin yang so you might have to risk your dls but in the end it depends if it stacks with other items.
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      I can confirm that it stacks with Talarias and Air robinsons
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        my friend said someone wear it and it's faster than speed medallion
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