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  • Fishnet Stockings Seed

    What exactly is the price of Fishnet Stockings Seeds? They're not all too hard to get, just throw in about 20 of them into a clothing compactor and you'll get at least one seed..
    Although the description of the item says it can't drop any seeds, it's pretty easy to obtain. Any ideas?
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    probably not worth too much since this is arguably the most common clothing item so any collector could get one themselves. I'm going to guess that other clothing seeds will be with a little more than this tho.
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      1 wl me find in vend idk where but it's 1 month ago someone bc sell fishnet stocking seed
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      GOVSSU name only for sale lmao start 5 wl


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        Almost no one buys this because it's so much better to just buy fishnet stocking or even fish them up yourself, but if you want to sell it most people sell 1-3 per world lock depending on how much they have.


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          wow i just crash fishnet stockings for the drakness seed
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            Originally posted by Thiel4us View Post
            wow i just crash fishnet stockings for the drakness seed
            what? u got scammer u shuold have getted fishnet seed
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