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  • BUYGHC Daily Item Trades

    Hi there! I've decided I'm going to monitor the trades occurring at BUYGHC and write them down here so you can check the status of the price of BUYGHC tier items.

    If an item is not listed, it's because there hasn't been a trade of it yet. The first name is the buyer of the item and the price they paid; second name with the arrow pointed to it is the person who sold the item. The timestamp uses the in game time.

    EDIT October 27th, 2020, 18:29: List is now in alphabetical order for ease of navigation for users, and for ease of organization and updating for me.

    EDIT October 28th, 2020, 21:57: I will have to put this project/guide off for the time being. If I want to have it be consistently updated, I have to devote all my time to it, which I simply cannot do since it doesn't provide much benefit to me and I have other things to do. I just enjoy observing the price fluctuations and documenting them here for others to benefit from. See you in a while, I'll bump this again once I can consistently update it.

    Autumn Wings:

    Baby Bunny:

    Celestial Lance:

    Dancemaster's Crown:

    Dark Sunset Cape:

    Datemaster's Heart Locket:

    Da Vinci Wings:

    Death's Scythe:

    Diamond Dragon:

    Doom Plow:


    Draconic Wings:

    Emerald Lock:

    Emerald Pickaxe:

    Golden Angel Wings:

    Golden Diamond Necklace

    Golden Heartbow:

    Golden Heartsword:

    Golden Heartthrob Helm

    Golden Sunset Cape:

    Hellfire Horns - Ruby:

    Jack's Set:

    Legen Seed:

    Mining Mech:

    Money Aura:

    Neptune's Trident:

    Nightmare Devil Wings:

    Nightmare Teeny Devil Wings:

    Phoenix Scarf:

    Scythe of the Underworld:

    Stained Glass Heartwings:


    ​​​​​​​Sun Shooter Bow:

    Teeny Golden Wings:


    Valkyrie's Wings:

    Wolf Spirit:
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    Helpful for seeing the price of more expensive things
    i'm a peasent. if im selling anything it will be in proshopping unless otherwise stated.


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      Bumping before I settle down to sleep.


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        Bumping again. Updating as I post this.


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          Originally posted by MegaXavierGT View Post
          Bumping again. Updating as I post this.
          Thank you for creating this it's been really helpfull


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            Inb4 someone starts selling dirt for 20dls to his alt and repeats 100 times

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              Nice info.very helpful for people who want for example to buy dream item
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                Originally posted by Pepezuu View Post

                Thank you for creating this it's been really helpfull
                Yes of course, thank you for the comment!


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                  Crazy how stethoscope is 24dls I clearly remember it being 2dls

                  Click to add your country hehe 🡹


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                    Originally posted by Dzez View Post
                    Crazy how stethoscope is 24dls I clearly remember it being 2dls
                    Same here. And it was just 13 dls a few weeks ago too.


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                      Ill bump for u. This will be useful as I become a profiter.
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                        wow up to date
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                          i love u this is really helpful..
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                            Nice info, but I'm not sure if you are allowed to post names like that.


                            • Jedaki
                              Jedaki commented
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                              In my opinion, there isn't anything wrong with this. The rule against singling out is to prevent people being falsely claimed as scammers to ruin their reputation. There's nothing 'hurtful' or something that could ruin someone's reputation here. Just logs for trades.

                            • MegaXavierGT
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                              If it isn't permitted I'll be glad to remove all the names.

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                            This is really cool! Hope you add more items soon, good luck!