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    How much can i sell this world name "AMARA"?
    Just someone who likes to play mmorpg

    Level: 91
    Acc hrs: 1.2k
    Acc age: 90 days
    Target dls: 45/100
    Item to acquire: Idk yet? But I want a cool wing or cape
    Suggestions for Paw:
    Practice Bots
    Epic Quests: 1

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    For your world AMARA I would estimate it would be anywhere around 75 wls - 4 DLs. I did a quick search of the word, and just found out it was a name. For real life names, for example JOHN would be around 50-4 BGLS, because of how common the name it. It depends solely on who is buying your world, and how common the name is.

    I actually used to be the previous owner of JONNY (My name) which I bought for 1 dl back in 2017, and sold it for 550 wls earlier this year. Again, the name JONNY isn't as common as a name like BOB so it was worth less.

    If you were to sell for a nice amount of dls, you would have to look hard to find a person who wants the world named AMARA, but my estimate would be anywhere from 75 wls to 4 dls max. I also have experience in the Buy+ world field of knowledge (I profit from flipping Buy+ worlds) If you have any questions, just let me know and I can help. GL on selling your world.

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      How About the Worldname BLAIR can you put a price on that?

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      It's also another "uncommonish" name. Anywhere 50 - 5 dls. Hard to find a buyer, and if you can sell well, 5 dls max as there is no demand for the world. If there is demand for the world, you can up the price, but that would be unlikely.

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      This game feels like a job.
      Quitted, but you might see me post on forums sometimes


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        In reality, the cost of the world wouldn't be worth much except for a world lock or two. That being because it's only a 5 letter world and 5 letter worlds aren't a big game-breaking thing, or nothing compared to 1-4 letter worlds.
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