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Price of Draconic Wings?

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  • Price of Draconic Wings?

    I've seen draconic wings is rising a lot nowadays. It was 20-23 last week and today its 29+? Do anyone know if its going to drop due Chinese new year is near? Maybe Ubisoft will add 100 more draconic wings this year?
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    Don't think they will add more Draconic wings but they did add 100 in Chinese New Year 2019. However they didn't add anymore in 2020. Instead they added the Draconic Claw as a replacement.


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      You got it wrong, they didn't add any in 2019 and added 100 in 2020.

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    They were heavily manipulated. I've had my own theory of them not returning for a long while, and I had two wings but I had to sell them both to afford other items I wanted urgently due to them being cheaper than usual. Then later I bought them back for 19 dls, and sold to someone desperate for 23 dls the next day thinking it was a good deal.

    Found out it was manipulated and I had to buy them back for a 3 dl loss, not to mention the several megaphones I used, because I'm convinced of my theory of them not returning. Later, the manipulated price became nearly 30 dls and I found someone actually selling for the real price of 21 dls and bought them.

    I said it on the bulletin board at BUYDRACONIC and then someone starts using alt accounts to spam that the price was 30+ dls and then I started being accused of being that spammer and manipulating to rise it falsely, despite me saying the real price was ~21 dls. Funny enough, those who accused me started all selling for above 30 dls despite them saying it was being fake risen. Hmm.

    Haven't commented on the bulletin board in 5 days and they're still harassing me about it, even though they're selling/manipulating the wings for obscenely high prices. Such a toxic community.

    To summarize, the price is unclear now, and I would suggest buying them, but the price is so off from what it was before that I don't think it's a good idea anymore since now it's even more of a risk to assume they won't be coming back since the price would drop immensely if they do and you'd be losing a ton of dls.