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    I've a teacher who play Growtopia. He's around 30.


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      I have an uncle who played longer than me .-. like 2 months before i played hes still a nub joke xD

      There are senior citizens who play clash of clans so dont worry :P

      P.S. Clash of clans is more bring than growtopia because its not more of socializing (OPINION ONLY)


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        Nah, you're not too old to play Growtopia. Look at Chris which is Pcats. I think he might be older but he still play.
        No, i don't play the game anymore. My account got compromised. I'm just here to lurk through the forums



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          Originally posted by Werkon View Post
          I've a teacher who play Growtopia. He's around 30.
          Running into your teacher in Growtopia would be awkward.

          -By SnowKuro

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            My friends said that this game is childish.
            I was like ._.


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              Originally posted by HannahEloise View Post
              When my friend said I'm too old for Growtopia, that hurts you know </3
              Whatever you do not listen to what other people are saying about you, just remember that you are never to old to play Growtopia!


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                My cousin which is 18 yearsold attract by a hair in a tree -_-


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                  You're only too old for Growtopia if you think you are.
                  I've seen people of all ages enjoy GT in some way, some old, some young.
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                    So yea

                    It seems to old for me to play,im gonna play more adult game like,dota 2 and a lot more :-).Can be said I quit GT,I will focused on my last objectives,building a pro casino!!my world is MISSBET,please rate hehe

                    HEY GUYS,Im just starting to make a YT video because i saw alot youtubers get alot of donations XD Just kidding,I love to edit videos and such things..thats why :3

                    My goals is having Phoenix set
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                    [Pride (Already got the wls)]
                    [Ppaci (ACHIEVED)]

                    My worlds
                    Break world=BEACHACK,QUARTET

                    Thanks for reading ^^


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                      Nobody is too old, gaming is for all ages that can understand the language the game is in.
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                        Originally posted by Cocomonkey View Post
                        Running into your teacher in Growtopia would be awkward.
                        That happened to me once in a different game.

                        He was like.


                        "Did you do your homework?"

                        I logged off immediately amd deleted the game.


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                          Me too I'm 22 years old, but my friend says "You're too old for this game." Thats really hurts right?


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                            Even my Grandparents is getting addicted to this game, they are around 14years old, too teen /yes
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                              Originally posted by ItWasntMe View Post
                              Dude my mother tongue isn't english, it's finnish where she/he is both ''hän''... so I always forgot about it, please STOP complaining about it, it annoys me.
                              You have 100 posts, so you we cant really see that many posts from you and understand that you are from finland...

                              Calm down
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                                Originally posted by ItWasntMe View Post
                                True, for example Aimster's mom Ghostego plays, he is atleast 40.
                                Aimster's mom is a "he"?