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Pedophilia in Growtopia

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    Originally posted by IAmABrodie View Post
    Very interesting read. This is one of many problems an MMO targeted at children will face, and a hard one to fight too. Now, people will try and blame the game/game devs, but we all know it's a problem of parental supervision; or lack there-of I should say.
    Unfortunately, in the modern era, the lack of responsibility for parental control over media is commonplace and acceptable. While I certainly do not think it is "cool" to have parents knowing about one's online life, for younger kids, it is absolutely necessary to ensure their safety.

    Originally posted by Kranken View Post
    pro tip, this works:
    If I did that for every person I did not want to see on these forums, there would be no forums left to read.
    Originally posted by tson
    *** concentrated yeast hell no i didnt eat that ****
    Just finished transcribing this…deliberating on whether or not to adapt it into Growtopia.
    The answer is yes and at NOTE63.

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      Was the Singapore thing the one with a kid selling Growtopia things irl then getting money and running away?
      After like a year I figured out where this was. I’m an idoit

      I have nothing else for this area!


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        date worlds are just like strip clubs, even worse.
        You can literally see people doing not-very-nice thingies, pedophilia, exactly.
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          I've foreseen this. The game is somehow unhealthy for new players, especially the young ones. They need proper guidance and a proper tutorial, probably a tutorial world they cannot leave unless they thoroughly finish it. The community is so vast and diverse that majority of the new players tend to be more exposed to the bad environments of the game because they are more prevalent - scams, pornography, pedophilia, etc.
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            Thought this would be a simple rant or satire. I guess the game's a pretty interesting thing to see being featured in a research project or so.

            Memento mori.

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              Interesting lengthy post organized in some way, but need to be even more organized.

              The post reminds me of some of my earlier growtopian times.


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                  What the....
                  In all my days here, I have never seen a thread remotely like this. A police report? Really??
                  Who is this guy lol


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                    Hello Growtopians,

                    We are aware of this issue which is unfortunately widespread across the internet, and we are taking it very seriously.

                    There are many measures in Growtopia to prevent under-aged players from interacting with other players if need be, available via options and personal settings:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled-4.png
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                    We have dedicated a new section on our support page entitled “Parents Guide” which includes more information, in addition to “How to keep your account safe”.

                    We also recently implemented a way to prioritize reports received by community managers if they include anything suspicious.

                    As with any other platform on the internet, we encourage parents to supervise closely their children when they play Growtopia.